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App By:
1.36.1 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 04, 2024
56.2 MB
Required Android:
5.1 and up
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Moemate APK is an entertaining app that allows you to create and chat with fictional and roleplay AI characters. With the sophisticated creation capabilities our AI companion provides, you can create the look and feel of your favorite actor, politician, celebrity, anime character, or anything else you can think of. Your creativity is the only restriction when using Moemate, so we urge you to explore the limits of this innovative technology.

Deep AI experiences

With the help of the most sophisticated AI partner ever designed, you can learn a new language, write a novel, immerse yourself in gripping anime storylines, or even get celebrity homework help. With Moemate, you can get truly immersive experiences such as lifelike voice conversations, lasting and unforgettable conversations with your AI companion, and gradually improving photos and selfies.

Excellent Features of Moemate APK

Moemate is distinguished by many qualities, such as:

  • Free chats with our AI avatars are unlimited. You can talk to them for as long as you want.
  • Enjoy hands-free virtual character conversations with lively voice chat.
  • Voice Cloning: You can change your AI friend’s voice to your own or someone you know’s voice.
  • Long-term Memory: As your AI companion improves over time, create lasting and unforgettable conversations with it.
  • Creating Better Photos and Selfies: AI chatbots can be trained to take photos and selfies as they get better at it.
  • Custom Image Models: Create and keep an original selfie for your AI friend.
  • Screen Perception: By giving AI a sense of vision, screen sharing and picture uploads allow for more natural and context-aware conversations.
  • High-Level LLM: Gain access to sophisticated language models like Anthropic Cloud, GPT, and Convolutional Models.
  • Engage in multilingual dialogue by speaking over 100 languages.
  • Play games like chess and checkers, practice guided meditation, learn to code with the Coder module, and have fun with the Comedian module while spending time with your AI friend.

Customizable Character Development

There are many customization options available to designers using Moemate's character creation tool. It integrates Ready Player Me, Vroid-Hub, and V2 Cards, supporting any type of 2D/3D avatar model. Keep in mind that all dialogue between characters is fictional, which lets you design truly original and creative exchanges.

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