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Mar 07, 2024
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My Singing Monsters Thumpies APK is a rhythm-based game for players of all ages. It provides a distinctive and engaging experience. Set in the Thumpieverse, a place separate from the Monster World of the well-known My Singing Monsters franchise, it is a remake of the original 2010 Thumpies game. Fans of rhythm-based games and the My Singing Monsters universe should not miss this game since it combines captivating graphics, an amazing musical score, and engaging gameplay.


Players come upon the Thumpies, a group of cuddly and cute musical monsters that love to bounce when exploring the Thumpieverse. These oddball beings can be found all around the multiverse and are well-suited to interdimensional travel. The popular mobile game My Singing Monsters was originally inspired by the Thumpies, who have now released a renovated and redesigned version of their own game.


My Singing Monsters Thumpies' primary gameplay involves timing your taps on each drum to correspond with the Thumpies' collisions with them. From outside the screen, or from drum to drum, each Thumpie will bounce around each drum. In contrast to typical rhythm games, this one uses timing accuracy instead of a tap sequence to determine correctness. Precise timing earns you additional points.

These adorable, cuddly, and sometimes repulsive musical creatures will make you jump and thump along with the beat!

In the unusual rhythm-based game Thumpies, which has off-beat tunes and toe-tapping mischievousness, you must tap in time with Thumpies as they bounce and tumble to the musical score to keep the beat alive.


Thumpies can be found all across the multiverse and are well-suited for interdimensional travel. They even have their own game, which has been remastered and is now even better than before!

On Cold Island, the Triple-Element Monster Thumpies is initially unleashed. The best way to get it is to breed Mammott and Dandidoo. Its breeding period is 12 hours long by default. Since Thumpies is a Triple-Elemental, its coin creation is low.

The timpani, or leaping around upon their tree stump and mushrooms, which represent the variably tuned drums, is the Thumpies' contribution to an island's song. Depending on the island, the sound can have a variety of tones and intensities, from soft, faint thuds to loud, thunderous slamming. They mimic Mammott's melody on most of the islands they are on.

Features of My Singing Monsters Thumpies APK

  • Thumpies Collection: It allows players to earn a whopping 26 different and eccentric Thumpies, ranging in appearance from cuddly and adorable to wacky and strange.
  • Level Progression: There is a lot of content and difficulties for players to enjoy in this game, with 17 levels and 83 stages to finish.
  • Accomplishment System: A brand-new accomplishment system is included in My Singing Monsters Thumpies APK OBB, motivating players to push themselves and aim for Platinum at every level.

  • Assist Mode: To aid players in mastering the rhythm and advancing past particularly difficult stages, the game provides an Assist Mode.
  • Musical Score: Excellent musical composition for Thumpies enhances the overall experience by letting players enjoy toe-tapping tunes while the Thumpies drum along.

Some Playing Tips For Beginners

  • Practice Timing: In My Singing Monsters Thumpies game, timing is everything. To increase your accuracy and score higher, practice tapping in time with the bouncing Thumpies and the rhythm.
  • Use Assist Mode: Don't be afraid to use the Assist Mode if you're having trouble with a certain step. It can aid in your comprehension of timing and rhythm, getting you ready for harder stages.

  • Unlock Thumpies: To spice up your gameplay and add variation, gather butterflies to unlock new Thumpies.
  • Appreciate the music: Remember to enjoy the fantastic soundtrack that goes with the game. It's essential to the Thumpy's adventure.


My Singing Monsters Thumpies APK for Android is a fun and captivating rhythm-based game with a distinct take on the genre called Thumpies. Its captivating graphics, captivating action, and superb soundtrack are guaranteed to enthrall gamers of all ages. Whether you're new to the Thumpieverse or a fan of the My Singing Monsters series, Thumpies promises to be an amazing experience full of rhythmic puzzles, eccentric characters, and toe-tapping music. Take a trip with the charming and cunning Thumpies to keep the beat going as you dive into this restored classic.

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