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App By:
Good Lock Labs
Version: for Android
Updated On:
Mar 29, 2024
15.06 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
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Samsung has long been at the forefront of Android customization, providing a vast array of tools and applications to improve the user experience on its smartphones. One such program that has grown in popularity among Samsung users is NavStar, which is a component of the Good Lock package and lets users customize their device's navigation bar.

About Navstar APK

NavStar is a powerful app that puts the control of your device's navigation bar in your hands. With NavStar, you can customize the look and feel of the device as well as add functional buttons. For those who want to customize their Samsung mobile to their exact specifications, this software is essential due to its user-friendly design and multitude of customization choices.

As Samsung gadgets advanced and acquired more potent hardware and software features, consumers looked for methods to personalize their devices as much as possible. Because it is an essential component of the user interface, the navigation bar has become a popular customizing target. Samsung understood this requirement and created NavStar as a component of the Good Lock package, enabling customers to design a navigation bar that complements their daily routines and looks fantastic.


Using NavStar APK is a simple procedure. After installation, users can start personalizing their navigation bar by utilizing the app through the Good Lock suite. Users can adjust the color, size, shape, and position, and even add custom buttons or icons thanks to the app's user-friendly interface, which walks them through several options.

Features of Navstar APK

Show and Hide Navigation Bar: Depending on their preferences, users can decide whether to show or hide the navigation bar.

Color Customization: With NavStar's extensive color selection, users may make the navigation bar uniquely their own, complementing their device's theme or personal taste.

Customization of Buttons: Users can include practical buttons in the navigation bar, like fast access to regularly used apps or a shortcut to the camera.

Icon Customization: NavStar users can add a unique touch to their device by changing the navigation bar's icons to their favorite photos.

Gesture Customization: To create a smooth and aesthetically pleasing experience, users can alter the hint background, handle length, and color on devices that support gesture navigation.

Extra Gesture Settings: NavStar provides extra gesture settings, such as "Swipe from the bottom" and "Gesture hint," to provide users more control over their device's navigation on devices with a streamlined menu bar.

Customization of the Side Back Gesture Indicator: This feature allows users to further improve the entire navigation experience.

Some Using Tips:

Examine Your Options: NavStar provides a plethora of personalization choices. To discover the ideal configuration that best fits your tastes, take your time exploring and experimenting with various settings.

Backup and Restore: It's advised to make a backup of your existing settings before making any big changes to your menu bar. In this manner, you can quickly return to your old setup in case it's necessary.

Employ Adaptive Icon Colors: To make sure that your navigation bar icons blend in perfectly with your device's theme, if your device supports it, think about utilizing the "Adaptive icon colors" option.

Embrace Gestures: To create a genuinely immersive and user-friendly navigation experience, utilize NavStar's gesture customizing features if your device supports gesture navigation.


With the help of NavStar, Samsung users may take command of the navigation bar on their device. For those who want to customize their Samsung device and make a genuinely unique user experience, this software is essential due to its vast customization choices and easy-to-use UI. NavStar offers options for everyone, whether you're a minimalist looking for a simple and uncluttered navigation bar or a creative person looking to add a unique touch. So, let your imagination go wild and use NavStar to personalize your Samsung gadget to the fullest.

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