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1.0 for Android
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Feb 01, 2024
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5.0 and up
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Osakana APK is a fun and strategic mobile game that puts players in charge of an underwater castle which they must defend from enemies using an army of quirky fighter fish. Through simple tap controls, players can summon their aquatic forces to do battle, combining planning, quick thinking, and dexterous tapping to emerge victorious. With its cute graphics, variety of fish abilities to employ, and just the right balance of action and tactics, Osakana creates an immersive experience perfect for gamers on the go.


In Osakana, players oversee an underwater castle that enemy forces seek to destroy. To defend the castle, players can summon fighter fish by tapping on them which costs energy. Once summoned, these loyal fish warriors will automatically swim toward and attack the invading enemies. Different types of fish have different stats, costs, and abilities, so players must choose which ones to deploy judiciously. Battles then become tests of skill, constantly tapping to summon the right fish at the right time based on enemy positions and castle conditions. If too many enemies get through, it’s game over.

By balancing offense and defense, making strategic use of various fish abilities, and tapping swiftly in response to threats, players can turn the tide of war in their favor. Victory depends on utilizing one’s forces in the most tactically optimal manner to destroy the opponent’s base before they destroy yours.

Key Features of Osakana APK Latest Version

What gives Osakana its addictive flavor are these key features:

Streamlined controls:

Osakana Neko uses simple touch controls. Players tap the screen to spawn fish units which then attack enemies automatically. This provides direct but accessible control over the action, allowing players to focus on high-level strategy.

Cute Graphics:

The game features vibrant and adorable fish and underwater-themed visuals. From detailed backgrounds to large-headed big-eyed fish, all the game's visual elements employ colorful Japanese 'kawaii' style cuteness to attract and delight players visually.

Stats/ Attributes:

The different fish units like swordfish, jellyfish, healers, etc have stats like attack power, health, speed, and energy cost. This varies in play style and strategic utility for each fish type. Weaker units may be faster and cheaper for example.


Certain fish have unique activated or passive abilities to augment play. Healers regenerate the health of friendly fish and buildings in an area for example. Mailmen fish increase other fish's attack power. There are also bombers and shield generators. These add more depth in deploying varied strategic support.

Enemy Variety:

There are different types of enemy units too like crabs with armor or squid with high health. Countering them requires deploying fish based on strengths and weaknesses in a rock-paper-scissors fashion.

Non-Stop Action:

Osakana's battles emphasize constant tapping to deploy the right fish counters at the right time. The intensity tests player reflexes but also mental decision-making stamina and multitasking as enemies approach from multiple fronts. There is rarely any downtime.

Resource Management:

The energy costs of fish deployment require judicious rationing and saving for key strategic moments. Players must consider the timing of their taps for maximum damage and minimum wastage. They can store energy via generators for future large offensives too but must balance both methods.

Level Progression:

As players advance, new types of fish allies and enemies with new traits and mechanics are introduced. Some fish may know how to burrow past obstacles while others inflict splash damage. This keeps gameplay expanding and challenging veterans, forcing players to adapt tactics at each level.

Tips for New Players

Here are some tips for succeeding at Osakana’s aquatic antics:

  • Understand each fish’s abilities before deploying into battle.
  • Save high-cost heavy hitters until enemy fortresses are vulnerable.
  • Dispatch supports fish-like healers carefully to assist attackers.
  • Preemptively place defensive fish based on predicted enemy waves.
  • Stockpile energy during lulls to prepare for intense enemy onslaughts.
  • Counter-clustered enemies with area-of-effect types like bomber fish.
  • Study enemy patrol patterns and plan fish attacks accordingly over time.


For a casual game perfect for killing short bursts of free time, Osakana fits the bill. Its cute aesthetics combined with accessible yet mentally stimulating gameplay rooted in quick-fire strategy and reactive tactics creates the ultimate portable experience. Deploy your fishy forces today by downloading Osakana APK!

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