Reverse Magic APK

Reverse Magic APK 1.0.3 Download

1.0.3 for Android
Updated On:
May 01, 2024
1.14 GB
Required Android:
6.0 and up
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Get ready to embark on an amazing journey through multiple realities! Get your magical adventure group together and prepare yourself for an amazing journey full of thrills and surprises.

Random Chances and Choices

Take 1,000 random chances to randomly choose what you want to start your search. After this, be prepared for ten more random results, three of which will be the same. Thanks to these arbitrary components your magical quest takes an unexpected turn.

Open the door to adventure

All it takes is a few easy clicks to help open the door to an amazing journey. Pass the checkpoints faster and complete the levels easily to start the fun right away.

Gather Your Teams and Conquer Levels

Gather multiple magical adventure groups and use their abilities to conquer the stages. You can instantly destroy levels with one click, adding even more excitement and fun to your journey.

Help the kitten

You'll get the chance to help Meow Beanz, a cute cat, in her quest. This homeowner will act as your guide and assistant during the trip, giving you easy access to resources. Despite appearances, this workaholic cat is full of secrets!

Unique challenge modes

Get ready for challenging methods that will test your abilities and willpower. Embark on an island adventure, investigate uncharted territory and search for mysterious riches. But be careful – the uncanny valley is full of shocks and dangers, where possibilities and perils are never independent of each other.

Strive for Wealth and Glory

Play the Millionaire minigame, where those who stick with it will have a prosperous future. Test your talents by competing against players in exciting duels within and between servers.

Compete in huge boss battles

Ultimately, as your quest continues, you'll face a boss, who will be an explosive and unforgettable challenge. But fear not – victory can be achieved with strategic tactics and teamwork.

Organize and Train Your Adventure Team

You'll have to assemble, equip, and perfect your adventuring party if you want to overcome the obstacles that lie ahead. Make sure your team is prepared to tackle any challenges by planning and preparing for a variety of jobs and obstacles.

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