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The entertaining first-person escape, stealth, and strategy game Schoolboy Runaway APK features realistic 3D-style visuals and puts you in the role of a schoolboy put under house arrest due to low grades. Your main goal is to escape from your parents and sneak out to meet your friends. This first-person 3D game requires you to hide, keep quiet, and move around your house carefully. It also has puzzle-solving elements. Be careful, because your parents might notice if you leave cabinets or doors open. Fans of strategy and stealth games will find Schoolboy Runway a fascinating game.

Offering to portray a teenager put under house arrest, this is a new masterpiece.

Due to his terrible academic record, the little boy is unable to enjoy the summer, nice weather, or friends. Not only is it difficult to get along with his parents, but they also make him do household chores easily irritated. Now you have the choice to stay under strict surveillance or not.


When you start the game in your room your parents have locked the door. There has to be a way out. While searching the place, you find a pin that can be used to open the lock. Once it is put in the right place, you go into the hallway.

Your father is watching the hallway. You follow his path and see that he enters the kitchen as he normally does. As soon as he passes by, you run into the living room and hide behind the couch. Then you find a closet where a rucksack is hidden with everything you need to escape.

The keys to the garage door are on the shelf, and you inadvertently drop them, making a sound. Father starts to come to you, but you hide under the table. After checking the room, he leaves. With the keys, you walk to the garage door undetected.

After locating the last obstacle in the garage and opening the door, you can finally leave, meet your friends, and celebrate your little victory.

Hide and run

The base of gameplay is based on a stealth puzzle, where you have to interact with the surrounding environment to mislead your parents about what is real. Many objects in the house create noise and also draw your parents' attention. However, be careful because your relatives will immediately come looking for you if they don't find you cramming algebra. At this point, the dynamic stealth phase begins, which requires you to run from room to room and hide in utility rooms or closets. And be careful, because if you're found, your beloved mother will slap you in the face in addition to scolding you severely.

Find objects

Most of the objects in Schoolboy Runaway APK have the potential to be helpful to the boy according to the canons of the genre. To escape you will have to collect different lamps and remote controls, eat your father's food, and distract your exes from their constant control. A hard slap is not the worst punishment for the boy because moral punishment, such as mowing the grass, cleaning the surroundings and even running around the house, will be followed by physical violence.

Fully immerse yourself in the feeling of running away from school in this first-person 3D game. A realistic setting where every little thing can matter.

Play hide and seek

  • keep your distance from your parents and don't approach them.
  • Build shelters from furniture and other objects.
  • Be quiet as any noise can attract attention.

Find puzzles and hidden objects:

  • Solve puzzles, to create new escape routes.
  • Look for things that will enable you to get out of the house.
  • Create practical tools by combining objects.

Pay attention to details:

  • Keep closets and doors closed behind you to avoid leaving any traces.
  • Behave like your parents and observe their routines and behavior.
  • Use your surroundings as entertainment.

Teens and young adults who enjoy adventure and stealth games with puzzle components are the target audience of this game.

You can enjoy moments of success and a true adrenaline rush over strict parents with Schoolboy Runaway Stealth APK's exciting gameplay and engaging plot.

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