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App By:
Tim Kretz
1.2 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 22, 2024
52 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
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Shaporama APK is a free puzzle game that blends dynamic physics with classic word games. To guess mystery words, players must interact with the visual cues displayed on their screens.

Tilting and Exploring

Sand is moved around the screen by players tilting their phones, exposing hidden forms that serve as clues.

Fluid Simulation

The game allows different liquids to flow and form shapes, such as milk, coffee, beer, and water.

Guessing Words

To figure out the mystery word linked to each visual clue, players input their guesses.

How It Works

Single Image Clue

Shaporama APK For Android only offers one visual clue for each word, in contrast to games that are similar but employ several images.

Engaging Physics

Sand fills in the outline of the image that players must estimate by tilting the device.

Selection of Letters

To create their estimate, players must select letters from a set at the bottom of the screen to fill in the blanks at the top.

Game Progression

When players correctly guess a word, they advance to the next round, where they will face brand-new difficulties.

Challenges and Limitations

Even while the game is relatively simple to play, the constant barrage of commercials could take away from the whole experience.


By using interactive physics, Shaporama gives word puzzle games a new perspective. Its distinct method of employing a solitary, manipulated visual cue distinguishes it from conventional word-guessing games. Even with the creative gameplay, too many advertisements could take away from the fun for certain players.

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