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App By:
The Games Mafia
1.1 for Android
Updated On:
Jan 19, 2024
126 MB
Required Android:
5.1 and up
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Storage Hustle APK is a simulation RPG game, which lets players bid on storage units at sale. The plan is to buy empty storage units, find valuable things inside, fix those things up if needed, and then sell them for a profit. With business planning, treasure hunting, and haggling as part of the game, Storage Hustle is fun for people who like simulation and role-playing games.


Storage sales are at the base of Storage Hustle's gameplay. In the game, players drive their trucks around the world and check out different storage sites that are full of empty units that are being auctioned off. The game changes into a buying war against computer-controlled opponents when a storage auction starts. Players have to try to get units for the least amount of money while also offering more than their opponents. 

If a player wins a sale and gets into the storage unit, they can look around inside. Each unit has more than 300 items randomly chosen from 5 groups and 4 levels of rarity. Junk from around the house can show up with rare antiques and collectibles. Tools like hammers and scanners can tell you how much something is worth and what kind of shape it's in. Things that are broken can't be sold again until they are fixed.

Once you've found a unit's riches, the next step is to sell them for money. Players can choose their prices and even change the names of things to make them more appealing to buyers. To make the most money, players need to learn how to deal with and sell things to NPC traders who have different needs. When bargaining gets tougher, every unit makes more money.

Features of Storage Hustle APK Latest Version

Storage units and goods

There are more than 300 unique things in 5 groups: electronics, furniture, treasures, appliances, and goods. Things don't always last long, so they need to be fixed before they can be sold. Keep track of all the things you've bought and your progress. When entering new facilities, storage units are created automatically.

Bids and auctions

Compete with three computer buyers who all have their personalities. In a bidding war, you have to decide quickly how high you want to go. Character traits can scare off competitors, making them back off. Budgeting between units is a key part of getting good inventory.

Character Progression

Trader perks that help with sales are unlocked with experience. Hunter's skills can be improved to help them win more at auction. Put money into a toolbox, a truck, and a house to get ongoing benefits. Balance your short-term and long-term goals for growth.

Economy and Salesmanship

Demand that is unique from 10 different NPC traders. Renamed or gifted things bring in more money. Managing supplies and changing prices are linked to making sales. Negotiating well is a key part of making money as a player.

Some Playing Tips For Users

  • Start by selling everyday items to get better at sales.
  • Traders should improve their skills before big sales. 

  • Upgrade mending tools and scanners with the money you make early on.
  • Make your seller personality stand out between bids. 
  • Make your competitors pay too much for units while you learn from them.
  • Once you know what the buyer wants, you can tailor your sales pitch.
  • Set basic profit goals for the work you do.
  • Once your business is up and running, go all in on rare items.


Random loot that can be played over and over, an interesting business game, and fun bargaining mechanics make Storage Hustle APK a unique choice for players looking for new RPG-like experiences. Storage hunting that you can't plan for and tense back-and-forth bartering make for fun, risk-and-reward games. If you're looking for your next gaming addiction, Storage Hustle's storage rooms are full of options.

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