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4.2.0 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 24, 2024
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5.0 and up
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Topaz Video Enhance AI is an innovative App that utilizes artificial intelligence to dramatically improve the quality and resolution of digital video footage. It may enhance clarity and sharpness in videos to immaculate 4K or even 8K quality, surpassing the capabilities of conventional upscaling techniques. With Video Enhance AI, producers have an easy-to-use tool to revitalize their old films thanks to its sophisticated AI that has been trained on thousands of video pairs.

Conventional video upscaling merely distorts the image and eliminates details by stretching the resolution. Reproducing high-resolution video flawlessly from low-resolution footage has never been possible.

Utilize the AI editing platform that big film companies and creative professionals worldwide rely on to enhance your footage.

With cinema-quality detail, denoise.

After being trained on millions of video frames, Video AI 4 can distinguish between detail and noise.

Identifies faces and persons and is adept at correcting them.

How you correct a wide desert and a gorgeous portrait varies greatly. Video AI4 accomplishes this automatically and instantaneously with temporally aware facial recognition.

Construct fresh frames using thin AI-r.

Assemble cameras with varying frame rates or utilize slow motion without modifying the camera's configuration. New frames are generated using the Apollo and Chronos models to provide optimal smoothness.

Maintain it in the post.

Focus on your topic, not the camera shake, at all times. Restore detail lost to unintentional camera movement, stabilize the frame, and lessen blur from slow shutter rates and movements. Everything is posted.

Features of Topaz Video Ai APK

Improving Videos at Various Resolutions

You may improve the resolution of your videos to both 4k and 8k with the aid of this AI program.

The overlays and substance of the video won't be adversely affected by this improvement. You can achieve amazing effects by converting film that was shot on lower-quality devices into high-definition resolution.

This updated movie is even suitable for business use. Because of its versatility, the program may be used to edit material from a variety of sources, including drone recordings, S-VHS, 8mm, and VHS cassettes.

Quicker Encoding of Videos

This program has much increased encoding speed and functions nicely on Mac and Windows platforms.

Now that speed has been impressively increased, you can edit any movie in a matter of seconds.

It's crucial to remember that, although using the AI tool may speed up the process considerably, there may be instances where re-interpolating a movie takes a lengthy time. You may now easily edit and re-interpolate your films with remarkable ease.

Producing Effects in Slow Motion

You can apply a 16x slow-motion effect to your upgraded video. You may add a realistic slow-motion effect to any video by using Topaz Video Enhance AI's Chronos Slo-Mo function.

Friendly to Users

The Topaz Video Enhance AI Mod tool is easy to use and appropriate for all users. You can start using Topaz Video AI Mod's features and improving your video clip with just a few clicks. In just a few easy steps, you can simply convert your low-quality video to high-quality resolution. If you follow these guidelines, your video will be completed quickly.

How It Works

With machine learning algorithms, Video Enhance AI effectively fills in missing details and textures, unlike standard upscaling that clumsily stretches pixels. It was trained on a large neural network designed to comprehend the loss of picture information at lower resolutions. As a result, the AI can more accurately anticipate and create an authentic high-definition movie from a lower-quality source.

By extrapolating realistic elements from several frames as a point of reference, the software enhances footage. It accurately replicates textures, surfaces, objects, and motion by identifying patterns in films. Video Enhance AI differs from other comparable AI photo upscale such as Gigapixel with its temporal data. The end product is an incredibly crisp video that looks realistically natural at high resolutions like 4K or 8K.

Some Using Tips 

  • Choose source videos that are as high-quality as possible so that the AI can learn from them.
  • To manage detail generation, adjust the AI Strength slider according to the sort of footage you have.
  • Upscale to the greatest quality that your desired playing device offers for the clearest possible image.
  • When using strong slow motion or upscaling to 4K and 8K, expect lengthier render times. Conclusion

Topaz Video Enhance AI opens up an exciting new world for video editing and preservation. It can bring life back into old standard definition film or natively increase current videos to cutting-edge resolutions like 8K. It incorporates cutting-edge AI technology into a user-friendly software package that can significantly improve the visual quality of both professional and home video productions. Video Enhance AI produces the most convincing results accessible for any video creator wishing to enhance quality, clarity, and detail beyond what their camera is capable of capturing.

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