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1.0 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 22, 2024
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7.0 and up
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Have you ever dreamed of using a Galaxy phone? Now you can use Samsung Galaxy features on your phone. Samsung has published the Try Galaxy app where they have added Live Translation, Chat Assist, Note Assist, Photo Assist, and Circle to Search with Google feature.

This App was previously only available on iOS devices but is now available on all Android handsets including the Galaxy 1 models for the first time. This means that more consumers will be able to experience One UI 6.1 and the latest features of the Galaxy S24 series.

Try One UI on Samsung Galaxy to discover a whole new universe. Discover our plethora of apps, themes, and tutorials designed to make life simpler by downloading Try Galaxy Apps.

About Tri Galaxy APK

Try Galaxy App is Samsung's innovative platform designed to showcase the latest features and capabilities of its Galaxy smartphones. The app, previously designed exclusively for iOS users, is now available on all Android handsets, including Galaxy models, giving a wider audience access to a world of opportunities. Without transferring the device, users can use this app to experience the cutting-edge capabilities of the Galaxy S24 series and the One UI 6.1 interface.

Samsung felt it was important to start the conversation about mobile AI and highlight its potential as this game-changing technology comes of age. By providing a seamless opportunity to experience Galaxy AI without the commitment of purchasing a new device, Samsung hopes to bridge the gap between early adopters and others who are still unsure about the technology. This is accomplished through the Try Galaxy app.

Investigating Galaxy AI with Interactive Media

The Galaxy S24 home screen can be simulated by using the Try Galaxy APK. Users are met with interactive content and tutorials upon app launch, which walks them through the newest interface and its AI-powered capabilities. A widget on the second page of the home screen presents the main artificial intelligence functions of the Galaxy S24 series, such as Circle to Search with Google, Live Translate, Note Assist, Chat Assist, and Photo Assist.

Features of Try Galaxy APK

Live Translate

Use the native app's real-time, two-way call translation capability to communicate with people of different languages. With voice and text call translations available in 13 languages, you can communicate with a ride-sharing driver or book a meal in another country with ease.

Take Note Assistance

As before, take notes, but now get instantaneous summaries produced by AI to help you organize and streamline your notes. For easier reading, convert lengthy paragraphs into bullet points with headers. This function enables spell-checking, translations, and automatic formatting.

Chat Support

Adjust the text message's tone according to the situation, from formal to informal. Give the boss well-prepared meeting agendas, and have Spanish conversations with friends from abroad. To improve user communication across linguistic and cultural barriers, the AI integrated into the Samsung Keyboard can also translate texts in real-time into 13 different languages2.

Image Assistance

Generative Edit is an AI application that lets you crop, resize, and even eliminate items from images so you can get the ideal shot. Use Edit Suggestion to quickly adjust a photo's composition. To automatically eliminate undesirable light reflections and shadows, use the Erase Reflection tool.

Find anything on the screen by making a circling motion without opening a new app. Users can quickly and easily get useful search results about a desired item by long-pressing the home button and drawing a circle around an image in a social network post. Overviews driven by generative AI will be offered, depending on the region.

The widget reveals the superior photography tools of the Galaxy S24 series in addition to its AI functions. Users can learn how to record steady videos of subjects moving at high speed with the Super Steady feature, take crisp, bright nighttime photos from a distance, and take stunning portraits and selfies in Portrait mode by watching immersive tutorial videos that are shot from a first-person perspective.

What's New

The Try Galaxy APK replicates what it's like to view the home screen of a real Galaxy S24 smartphone. Once within the app, users may navigate the latest UI with the assistance of interactive content and tutorials. 

The primary AI-powered capabilities of the Galaxy S24 series, together with its sophisticated camera tools, are shown in the new widget located on the second page of the home screen. Each item has a tap option that allows users to view brief videos that describe its characteristics and practical applications. To enable users to monitor their progress, checkmarks are appended to the completed items.

Some Uisng Tips

  • Examine the Tutorials: Make the most of the engaging instructional movies to discover how to apply AI capabilities in your everyday life.
  • Try Out Different Configurations: Experiment with different settings and see which ones best meet your requirements and tastes.
  • Give Feedback: To help Samsung improve the app and its features, share your thoughts and experiences with them.
  • Keep Up to Date: Make sure you always have access to the newest features and improvements by periodically checking for app updates.


With its preview of AI-powered products for the future, Samsung's Try Galaxy app is a game-changer in the field of mobile technology. The software offers a seamless method to learn the newest features and capabilities of Samsung's top smartphones with its interactive content and recreated Galaxy S24 home screen. You may experience the state-of-the-art in mobile computing with the Help of the Try Galaxy APK, regardless of whether you're an early adopter or still debating switching to Galaxy AI. Unlock the full potential of your smartphone and embrace the future with Samsung's cutting-edge AI technologies.

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