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Have you ever wished to start your species and lead it through countless generations of development and evolution—all without having to cope with the rigours of everyday life? You're in luck, though, since we'd like to present you to War of Evolution, a game that will elevate you to the status of a divine scientist on a cosmic conquest.

In this game, you will be in charge of your species' evolution, starting from its meagre origins as a single-celled organism, seeing it grow into sentient entities in charge of a flourishing planet, and - clinging to your lab coats - to exploring new lands as interstellar explorers. Shall we dive right in?

Recall that neither Rome nor the organisms you will live-stream and drink lattes were created in a day! You'll begin small, very little, guiding your tiny single-celled critter through its initial difficulties. By outwitting predators and consuming smaller living forms, one can adapt and survive. It's like Pac-Man meets Darwin, except you're in charge.

About War of Evolution APK

In this thrilling strategy game, you have to direct a certain species' evolutionary path. From the time a microbe falls under your control to the days when it develops into a fully-fledged sentient person, you have to navigate a convoluted and difficult route. It will have the ability to evolve, equip the planet, and possibly take over space.

You must gain points in the War of Evolution game to advance. One way to achieve this is to hunt other species. Once your character has gained enough experience, you can give him new talents and skills by giving him specific body parts. Furthermore, you have the freedom to choose where to attach different body parts. The precise location of the biological change on your hero's body will also determine how successful it is.

The character can grow to enormous sizes during the game. You will have to battle other animals to advance because they too are trying to survive in an unfriendly environment. As a result, you will be able to master space flight and go through the evolutionary stages step by step.


Players control a single-celled creature in the main gameplay as it tries to grow, adapt, and live through important evolutionary phases:

  • Cell Phase: Develop from a small cell into an aquatic creature by absorbing nutrients and avoiding predators. Customise cell components as you overcome obstacles to earn evolution points.
  • Creature Phase: Hunt animals for food, but watch out for dangerous predators who are waiting to devour you. Gain access to new bodily parts and skills by gaining evolution points. Create your creature by assembling various parts in novel ways.
  • Tribe Phase: Develop rudimentary settlements into towns, villages, and ultimately sophisticated cities. To transform your clan from a primitive hunter-gatherer group into a well-functioning society, investigate novel technology.
  • Civilization Phase: As cities grow, attention turns to trade, conquest, warfare, and geopolitics. Engage in conflict or cooperation with other sentient extraterrestrial societies vying for supremacy over the Earth.
  • Space Phase: Through scientific advancements and exploration, spaceflight capability will be attained. Expand your empire throughout the galaxy by engaging in conflict, colonisation, and diplomacy to reach new worlds.

Personalised Species Generator

Players can customise a wide range of creatures in War of Evolution APK Latest Version as their primordial organism changes over time. Choose from a variety of appendages, attachments, natural weapons, defensive plating, and more to construct entirely different species that complement your plan. Select critical traits about strength, speed, resilience, metabolism, intelligence, visual acuity, and other qualities that will shape how your species overcomes obstacles. Your decisions will steer the course of evolution, defining the strengths and weaknesses of specialised adaptations that are passed down to all of the generations. See how the little cellular lifeform you created eventually develops into a sentient species with the unique visual characteristics of your eyesight.

Multiple Phase Development  

The five main stages of War of Evolution's grand campaign are Cell, Creature, Tribe, Civilization, and Space. Every period has its own set of challenges to face and objectives to meet to propel your species' progress forward. Oversee vital biological processes in the initial stages of cell development. As land animals, hunt critters and boldly extend your empire while dodging ferocious predators higher up the food chain. Create an orderly tribal society by growing small villages into vast cities and creating technology that drives advancement. Once intelligence arises, balance foreign diplomacy, domestic politics, and economics while engaging or fighting against opposing civilizations. Finally, use scientific advancements to explore and colonise space to reach the stars themselves.

Warfare and Geopolitics 

There will be conflict on the path from a simple single-celled creature to a highly developed spacefaring species, necessitating the development of formidable military and geopolitical skills. Take part in extensive economic discussions, political scheming, and diplomacy with extraterrestrial societies that are likewise spreading around the galaxy. Innovations in science and industry will be essential in driving the development of sophisticated weapons and vehicles intended to subdue enemies or protect borders. Battles can be won or lost for your empire depending on the geography you choose and the tactical prowess of your troops. It is firmly in the hands of players to navigate this intricate web of conflict, expansion, and internal stability to steer an empire across universes.

Some Playing Tips

To help you get started on your War of Evolution journey, consider the following important advice:

  • Early on, strike a balance between attacking and defensive skills to increase survivability. 
  • Prioritise attacking weaker creatures to get evolution points from early wins.
  • Select improvements for your bodily parts based on your desired playstyle and strategy.
  • Focus on particular areas, such as intelligence rather than strength, based on personal preference.
  • Throughout the phase of civilization, keep a strong budget to support expansion.
  • During the space colonisation phase, carefully balanced trade, diplomacy, and military.


War of Evolution Android APK, with its expansive evolution-based strategy spanning aeons of time, promises a singularly enticing experience focused on leading your custom-built species through crucial stages of growth, conflict, and advancement not found in other games, from modest tide pools to interstellar exploration. The cosmos is waiting for you!

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