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1.1.137 for Android
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Mar 27, 2024
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5.1 and up
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Explore the magical realm of AFK Journey, the newest phenomenon in role-playing games using cards. This game, which takes place in the enthralling realm of Esperia, takes players on an imaginative and adventurous journey that is akin to a well-illustrated storybook. Together with a varied group of heroes, you'll fight the mysterious Faceless as you make your way through Esperia and work to rid the region of the corrupting Miasma.

About AFK Journey APK

AFK Journey is a stunning 3D world video game with the strategy role-playing style. In the game, you awaken, go to Esperia, a fantastical place, and discover that you are the one who has been selected.

It is your duty to discover the world and defend it against your adversary, the Faceless.

You can gather and level up a large number of heroes in AFK 2. Everybody has unique skills, strategies, and playing philosophies. Begin the adventure with them by going through a ton of thrilling battles, eliminating the formidable foes, finding secret codes, and restoring peace to the realm.


The gameplay focuses on traditional strategic card fights, in which players use their greatest abilities to overcome opponents in real-time combat. The ability to manipulate foes utilizing various terrain types gives the conflicts an additional depth. To defeat strong opponents, you must modify your formation to the constantly shifting battlefield and use combat mechanics carefully.

In addition, AFK Journey promotes taking pauses and unwinding around a campfire when necessary. The journey never ends, even when players take a nap; upon awakening, they can resume their pursuit of fame and wealth.

For those who enjoy role-playing games, AFK Journey provides an enjoyable experience with its fascinating graphics, intriguing gameplay, and strategic card battles. Come to the tavern and go out on a voyage through Esperia that will never be forgotten!

  • Give Your Heroes Strong Gear to Boost Their Abilities.
  • Wonderful Soundtrack With An Immersive Graphic Design.
  • Rich incentives and virtual currency in-game.
  • Accumulate Points While Not Playing the Game.
  • To keep the gameplay exciting, there are multiple battle modes and events.
  • Accessible To Free-To-Play Users; No Mandatory Spending To Acquire All Characters.

Balancing Action with Rest

AFK Journey is distinct in that it emphasizes striking a balance between activity and relaxation. Players are rewarded by the game even when they are not actively playing, which makes it possible to advance and improve heroes without being continually engaged.

Exploring the Wonders of Esperia

With its unique blend of exploring freedom and breathtaking, immersive graphics that vividly depict the enchanted land of Esperia, AFK Journey provides a really unique gaming experience. Discovered hidden gems, the splendor of the seasons, and a variety of adversaries await you on your adventure over this colorful terrain, rewarding you with priceless riches and fresh heroes to add to your collection.

Every hero in the game has a unique skill set, appearance, and narrative, which enhances your experience and gives your tactical decisions more nuance.

Dynamics of Gameplay

Fundamentally, AFK Journey combines thrilling real-time combat with aspects of classic strategic card games. Gaining control over your characters' ultimate skills is essential to defeating adversaries. Combat in the game is heavily influenced by the many terrains and barriers, so you'll need to modify your army formations to fit the constantly shifting battlefields.

Different Events and Game Modes

With so many different game types and events, AFK Journey guarantees a novel and captivating experience. These provide significant benefits and chances to work together with other guild members, encouraging a sense of belonging and cooperation.

Features of AFK Journey APK

Numerous Secrets to Find

You have a ton of puzzles and secrets to figure out. Take pleasure in your own rewards!

Hundreds of Heroes

Players have an enormous number of heroes to gather and level up. Everybody has unique skills, characteristics, workings, and styles.


Directly converse with other players using the game's map. Invite friends, engage in PvP combat, and work together to take down the bosses.

Discover the magical battle arena

Players that begin to explore this game will come across numerous extremely spectacular battle adventures. Players will have a ton of enjoyable times with it. There are phases that deal with various scenarios, so you have to be interested in them beforehand.

Personalize and improve cards

Players can encounter several individuals and experience a variety of playing methods in this virtual environment. However, each card has a unique set of abilities, so in order to advance the game and maximize your chess, you must upgrade and select your cards. because the power of a general is represented by each card.

Personalize and improve cards

Players can encounter several individuals and experience a variety of playing methods in this virtual environment. However, each card has a unique set of abilities, so in order to advance the game and maximize your chess, you must upgrade and select your cards. because the power of a general is represented by each card.

Enjoy the experience with the Esperia environment

the intention to provide gamers with an exciting journey featuring numerous enchanted playing locations. If you are new to this game, you will be astounded by the enigmatic, adventure-like experience that resembles a book. The wonderful thing about adventure is that. The best part is that you can discover the treasure and other incentives in this area while fighting.

Battle in real time while using cards.

Players will be able to explore and experience in real time in this game. Together with various fighting techniques, this will aid gamers in time management. As a result, using cards and methods, you may simply defeat adversaries and revel in the magical environment.

Use battles to take control of the gaming environment.

The game mode or playing environment varies significantly for every battle. assist players in arming themselves with tactics that will enable them to play in accordance with the optimal game mechanics. You can use cards to outwit any opponent and prevail in strategic combat.

Daily tasks

As players complete chores each day, this will be one of the tastes you will be discovering in this magic. Getting things done on a daily basis will enable you to find and experience interesting things. Simultaneously, you can unlock further game upgrades and power-ups, as well as a variety of incentives that you should investigate.

Store equipped unlocked infinite

Enable players to take use of the best magic playing environment and its features. It gives users the option to store and unlock every artwork, which makes upgrading simple. This will enable users defeat a variety of rivals.

Some Playing Tips for AFK Journey APK

  • Numerous fight modes exist: delivering a varied experience to players.
  • Character preferences: To provide gamers the finest possible experience, you can explore with a large number of unlocked characters.
  • Unlimited options for money and gems: This feature makes it easy for players to increase their combat prowess and shop.
  • Battle strategy: It will enable players to prevail against a variety of adversaries. 

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