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1.0.1 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 01, 2024
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Required Android:
6.0 and up
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Afterimage APK is a two-dimensional side-scrolling adventure game that transports you to the mythical world of Engardin. Get ready to set off on an incredible adventure that will include character growth, exploration, and fierce combat with powerful enemies. With its vibrant and incredibly realistic settings, Afterimage APK Download, which draws inspiration from classic anime, provides players with an immersive and visually appealing experience.

This compelling game combines the richness of a rich storytelling experience with the excitement of side-scrolling adventures. This game, which was developed by a group of gifted artists, challenges players to discover the mysteries of Engardin, a planet that was initially made by a limited number of powerful gods. Engardin is full of strange creatures, some friendly and some hostile, just waiting to be discovered and engaged with. These species can be found in anything from massive volcanoes to deep tunnels and enormous oceans.

The Story

Humans were the last creation in Engardin, and their never-ending quest for power caused them to engage in a protracted conflict with the Goliaths. The globe burned as a result of this war until the cataclysmic event known as "The Razing" destroyed humanity's sacred grounds, upending the divine order, and ending the human era. Dispersed around Engardin, the survivors formed communities after being cut off from the Well of Mankind and deprived of the chance to reincarnate.

Years after this enormous disaster, the last human villages were unexpectedly assaulted by magical powers, leaving Renee, a young amnesiac girl, and Aros student, as the only survivor of her town. Renee says goodbye to her shattered home and sets out on a journey that will set in motion a series of events that will determine the fate of this new planet, driven by her determination to retrieve her lost memories and locate her mentor.


In this game, users can go through many stages and learn about Engardin's past through a story that keeps developing. Each location is connected by a sequence of interconnected stories that let players advance the overall plot as they go. RPG lovers and anime fanatics both will find something to like in Afterimage APK's engaging story and visually striking graphics, which are reminiscent of previous platforms such as One Piece World Seeker.

Features of Afterimage APK Latest Version

Epic Battles: Take on over 170 different enemy types, including 30 extremely tough boss confrontations that each offer a different challenge.

In-Depth RPG Mechanisms: With over 200 unique pieces of gear, including 6 classes of primary weapons, sub-weapons, armor, and accessories, you can completely customize your character's build. Use talent points to purchase special weapon talents and a range of stat enhancements for every class.

Several Conclusions: Make decisions that influence Renee's actions to decide Engardin's fate. These decisions could have a multiplicity of outcomes and potentially change the course of this mythological realm.

Magnificent Visuals: Engardin is brought to life with meticulously crafted hand-drawn animations that immerse you in a breathtaking 2D visual style.

Capabilities and Reverberations: Learn new skills and get special Afterimages that provide advantages for both combat and exploration. Gain mastery over these abilities to navigate through difficult opponent engagements, find shortcuts, and enter new places.

Epic Soundtrack: Experience an epic soundtrack with layers of depth and atmosphere, meticulously crafted by the Aurogon Sound Team and recorded in its entirety by the International Master Philharmonic Orchestra and other performers.

Some Playing Tips

Investigate fully: Engardin is a large and complex world, so make sure to investigate every nook and corner to find buried clues, treasures, and mysteries that will advance the plot.

Pay attention to dialogue: Engage with the characters you come across and pay close attention to their dialogue; it can include important hints and insights that will help you advance through the game.

Experiment with builds: Try out multiple character builds by mixing equipment, stat boosts, and weapon skills to discover the playstyle that works best for you. Make use of the complex RPG elements.

Expert fighting: Develop effective ways to combat enemies by studying their routines and learning about their weaknesses, especially when confronting formidable bosses.

Enjoy the moment: Take in the breathtaking sights, engrossing music, and intricate narrative to completely understand the artistry and skill that go into Afterimage APK.


Afterimage APK For Android is an engrossing side-scrolling adventure that transports players to the legendary realm of Engardin. This game offers an amazing experience for both RPG lovers and anime fanatics alike with its captivating story, gorgeous graphics, intricate RPG systems, and many gameplay components. In Afterimage APK, get ready to solve the mysteries of Engardin, create your route, and decide the future of this fascinating universe.

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