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3.7 for Android
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Jun 04, 2024
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2.2 and up
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Apa Itu APK is the ideal game to experience Sabah's rich culture and heritage, if you are looking for something entertaining and informative to play. This casual game offers an engaging experience that tests your knowledge and observation abilities while enlightening you on specific aspects of Sabahan culture.


Apa Itu is a simple yet engaging game that revolves around spelling words based on images. You are shown a picture of something related to Sabah in each level: traditional music, regional food, famous landmarks, or cultural symbols. You are responsible for examining the image closely and accurately stating the solution.

The Beauty of Sabahan Culture

Apa Itu APK's appreciation of Sabahan culture is one of its most appealing features. Every picture offers a taste of the colorful customs, delicious food, and breathtaking scenery that make Sabah an incredibly special place to visit. This game introduces you to the essence of the Sabahan identity, from delicious local foods to the melancholic sounds of traditional Sabahan instrumental music.

Educational and Entertaining

Although Apa Itu APK is considered a light-hearted game, it also serves as a teaching aid. As you progress through the stages, you will gain important knowledge about the geography, history, and customs of the Sabahan people, in addition to strengthening your spelling and observation abilities. For players of all ages who like to learn while having fun, this game is ideal.

What's New

Significant improvements have been made to Apa Itu APK in the most recent update:

  • Data Reset: To experience the new content and start at Level 1, players must first reset the data after updating the game.
  • Increased Question Pool: The game has twice as many questions as before, making it more difficult and varied.
  • Updated Questions: All questions starting from Level 1 have been changed to provide gamers with new content to explore in depth.

The developers want you to contact them directly if you encounter any issues or bugs while playing so they can look into it and get back to you as soon as possible with an update.


The enjoyable casual game Apa Itu APK offers a special blend of entertainment and knowledge. Take a journey through the intricate tapestry of Sabahan culture, put your observation and spelling skills to the test, and become completely immersed in the colorful customs of this fascinating region. Apa Itu APK is expected to offer gamers of all ages an engaging experience with ongoing upgrades and enhancements.

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