Ricochlime APK

Ricochlime APK 1.9.0 Download

App By:
Adil Hanney
1.9.0 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 20, 2024
36 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
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Ricochlime APK is a simple and very common game in which you have to shoot monsters. You can use your balls that aim and bounce back at moving creatures such as mutant tree trunks.

Shooting projectiles at monsters (mutant tree trunks) that want to kill you is the objective of this simple and widely played game.

The monsters will move one step (or more as the levels progress) each turn in a turn-based game. Your task is to launch your projectile or projectiles on the next turn. You start with only one bullet in your arsenal, but as the levels progress, you will be able to shoot more and more.

When you get tired of shooting, you can press the screen to increase the speed of your bullets and end your round quickly. Your bullets bounce off the walls.

It is an addictive game that will provide fun like the classic ball game where you had to shoot boxes through the ball.


The primary goal is to destroy the monsters before they cross a wooden bridge-formed "danger zone" line. If a monster crosses it it is your losing line for that round.

There are no stages or power-ups of any kind. Take some time to play the simple game Reclaim and see how high your score can go!

How to play

Turns are used to progress the game. Creatures move forward one step each turn, or more as the stages get more difficult. During your turn, you shoot one or more projectiles at the monsters (the number of projectiles increases as you progress through the stages). If you get tired of waiting, you can increase the bullet speed and end your turn early by tapping the screen.

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