Arcade Fishing APK

Arcade Fishing APK 4.1 Download

App By:
LLL Games
4.1 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 07, 2024
23 MB
Required Android:
4.3 and up
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Arcade Fishing APK is a classic arcade-style fishing game that takes you back to the nostalgic days of game halls. This game lets you go back to fishing as it was originally intended: with the gun fully open and without heavy anti-cannons. This is made possible by its elegant but basic design.

Five large fishing houses can be found in the game with a variety of fish species and powerful cannons that can increase your profits by 10 thousand times. Enjoy the excitement of full-screen explosions, which bring back memories of the legendary arcade game, and take part in fierce battles with 3D boss fish.

Unique Fishing Strategies

If you want to succeed in ArcadeFishing you must use cunning tactics such as fast running, tracking, frozen, fishing tricks, encirclement, and suppression. Show off your fishing skills by earning general medals and military rank fame.

Arena Mode and Multiplayer Competition

With the same cannon and amount of shells, users can engage in competitive play in the thrilling Arena Mode offered by ArcadeFishing. You can test your talents against other players in multiple arenas, each of which offers its own rewards and competitive pleasures.

Customizable Fishing Weapons

You can personalize your fishing weapon with its original arcade gun design, allowing you to create special gun ban skills that prevent opponents from firing and taking over the entire screen.

Rewards and Daily Check-ins

For added excitement, the game features a money bag feature for the next day as well as daily check-in incentives. Millions of check-in gold coins were awarded to arcade masters under the original daily check-in system.

Features of Arcade Fishing APK

  • With a ten thousand-fold fortress, five large fishing huts, and many species of fish, the explosive machine turns into a local tyrant.
  • Encirclement, fishing fraud, speed rush-tracking-frozen, suppression 3D boss.
  • General medals, a simple military rank glory, will enhance your talents.
  • Develop special gun restriction abilities, prevent opponents from firing, and control the entire screen!
  • The smooth and long upper battery of the original, exclusive arcade gun can be replaced whenever you want.
  • Make money bags for the next day, go fishing today, and come back tomorrow and make huge profits.
  • In the initial daily check-in scheme, gamers were given millions of check-in gold coins by arcade masters alone.

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