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1.0 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 13, 2024
269 MB
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8.0 and up
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A new threat appears in a society on the verge of collapse: evil "Genos" followers, who are rapidly taking over the underground cities. With the future of humanity at stake, a ray of hope appears in the form of the Ascent Protocol.

Ascent Protocol APK is a role-playing game where you play a hero who is tasked with leading a group of agents to victory over the powerful forces of the "Genos".

Story: A near-end universe

The game is set in a near future where chaos and despair reign on the planet. The only chance to save civilization from imminent collapse is to defeat the ruthless "Genos" followers. These evil forces threaten the very existence of humanity with their penetration into the underground cities. You must accept the challenge of leading the agents, a new breed of heroes, to victory in this dangerous time.

Strategic Battles and Unique Characters

Ascent Protocol APK For Android has an intense and engaging strategic combat system. You will have several characters, each of whom has a different personality and a strong set of skills. The secret to success is learning the art of synergy and linking effects as you will need to be able to skillfully combine the abilities of your agents to create powerful combos that can change the course of battle.

Main Features of Ascent Protocol APK:

Character Variety

Dive into a universe filled with diverse characters, each with their unique personalities and backstories. You can engage a diverse group of agents to guide you in battle, from determined fighters to clever strategists.

Strategic Depth

Enjoy the thrill of high-stakes strategic battles where every choice you make can be the difference between success and failure. Using linkage and synergy effects, you can create devastating combos and outsmart your opponents with superior tactical skills.

Amazing Visual Effects

The game's breathtaking visual effects and amazing skill animations will leave you amazed. With these amazing, theater-inspired visuals you will feel like you make every exciting scene a thrilling one.

A Vibrant and Interesting World

Discover a thoughtfully designed universe that combines the ordinary with the remarkable. From vast underground cities to the crumbling ruins of a once vibrant civilization, each setting is packed with flavor and detail, drawing you further into the game's narrative.

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