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ASTRA: Knights of Veda APK 1.0.0 Download

1.0.0 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 02, 2024
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Required Android:
7.0 and up
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ASTRA: Knights of Veda APK is a role-playing game. It is set in a 2D universe that takes place in the gloomy Planis, a medieval fantasy setting. Planis is afflicted by a sinister scourge that is sustained by a sinister rite carried out by the Mad King. The only people who can restore order to the planet are you and the other Knights of Veda. To fight a wicked curse that has caused chaos throughout the planet, players take on the role of a selected champion who is a member of the Knights of Veda. 

A sinister journey

ASTRA: The tale told in Knights of Veda has ominous undertones. For you, it all started with the attack on King Magnus's fortress, who was hailed as a hero. But over time, he turns into a despot, and Edward, his son, is committed to overthrowing him. However, things don't always go as planned. Uncover the power of the remnants of the Veda! ASTRA: Knights of Veda is a grim game with simple controls. With a variety of amazing powers at your disposal, the fight is thrilling and dynamic, enabling you to take down a variety of formidable opponents.

Warfare tactics

The story of the game revolves around your mission to help the goddess Veda, who has chosen you to be her champion, bring peace and normalcy back to Planis. As you go through the eerie and dark realm of Planis, you'll come across deadly obstacles, terrifying monsters, and challenging bosses in a variety of settings like the Nightmare and Sealed Prisons.

The gameplay of the game consists of tactical combat. You can use the special abilities and weaponry of the Knights of Veda to engage in strategic and fashionable warfare. Combat is regarded as fluid, with strong talents that can change the course of a fight and dodge rolling. On the other hand, it has repetitious objectives and battle encounters, just like a lot of RPGs.

Find your allies

As the main tale progresses, you will encounter several people who will grant you new powers to add to your arsenal. Since each of them has a unique fighting style and set of elements, you must be aware of your opponents' vulnerabilities and resistances. Furthermore, ASTRA: Knights of Veda APK For Android features a gacha system that lets you acquire various characters, though more will join you as you progress through the main narrative. Don't pass up the chance to assemble the team of your dreams.

Don't hesitate any longer and acquire this game and embark on an incredible journey. Play an exquisitely detailed action and role-playing game while using Veda's strength to save the world. You won't be sorry!

A Visually Stunning and Story-Rich 2D RPG

A horrible plague has spread throughout the land of Planis, spread by the Mad King's sinister ritual. The only people who can bring peace to this cursed land are you and the other Knights of Veda. A visually spectacular, narrative-heavy 2D role-playing game, ASTRA: Knights of Veda invites you to set out on an amazing journey full of intrigue and mystery.

Ultimate Action Combat at Your Fingertips

In a contemporary, tactical style, ASTRA: Knights of Veda APK Latest Version revives the classic side-scrolling action from the past. To strategically defeat monsters, utilize a variety of Knights of Veda talents and unleash the Power of the Stars. This is audacious and exhilarating action at its best!

Knights of Veda Stand with You in Battle

Every Knight of Veda has special abilities and weaponry that they bring to the fight. Make a squad that fits your style of play and tackle challenging dungeons.

Immerse yourself in a meticulously crafted story featuring vast sequences that vividly depict a legendary expedition. The Goddess Veda is prepared to lead the route for you.

Strategic combat and party dynamics

ASTRA: Knights of Veda APK Download delivers an immersive gameplay experience that weaves together storytelling, tactical combat, and exploration within a dark medieval fantasy world. It is an engrossing story that transports players to a kingdom ruled by the insane King Magnus and afflicted by a wicked curse. As the goddess Veda's selected champion, players set out to bring peace and order back to the land.

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