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2.1 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 10, 2024
114 MB
Required Android:
6.0 and up
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Bou's Revenge APK is a classic 3d horror game. It is a short remake of the famous mobile game Pou. You take care of Pou at the beginning of the game, but suddenly things start to get weird.

Bou's Revenge turns the famous pet simulation into a scary 3D horror experience by taking a dark twist on the beloved character of the famous mobile game Pou. Feeding and caring for Bou are the standard activities players start with, but the atmosphere quickly changes as the game introduces small, disturbing oddities. The cozy, familiar setting transforms into a scary world with distorted images and disturbing sounds, forcing players to go through several progressively dark situations. This change takes advantage of the element of surprise by drawing players into a gripping psychological thriller that tests their patience and ability to deal with unexpected tragedies.


The gameplay is simple yet successfully adapted to the horror genre; As the game progresses, the fundamental controls turn into tools for survival. It's up to players to investigate their eerie surroundings and find clues as to who has corrupted the once-happy Bou. The game skillfully blends tension and terror with familiar gameplay components, turning routine encounters into a struggle for survival against a setting that blurs the distinction between the caregiver and the unwitting player in a terrifying narrative.

A Psychological Thriller

Bou's Vengeance Playing on the element of surprise, the APK draws players into a psychological thriller that tests their patience and ability to handle unexpected atrocities. Players become unwitting participants in a terrifying story that blurs the boundaries between reality and nightmare as the role of the recognizable caregiver takes a fascinating turn.

Transforming the Familiar

The clever integration of suspense and terror into the game's familiar gameplay components is one of its most disturbing features. In the gripping universe of Bou's Revenge, players must use everyday interactions to survive - ones that were once normal and familiar in the original Pou games. The perfect blend of familiarity and terror ratchets up the tension and keeps players on the edge of their seats.

Battle for Survival

As the game progresses, players are forced to face the horrifying realization that Bou, the once innocent being, has been transformed into an evil entity. Their main objective is to survive as they investigate the damaged surroundings, look for clues, and deal with the terrifying repercussions of their choices. In the game, users are forced to face their darkest fears and rise above the darkness that has overtaken their beloved virtual friends.


Bou's Revenge APK is a terrifying adventure that immerses players in a world of psychological terror and horror. Players will be left wondering where the lines lie between caregiver and victim, reality and nightmare, as the game delivers a truly unsettling thrill with a skillful blend of familiar gaming elements and an unsettling story.

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