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Version: for Android
Updated On:
Jun 11, 2024
96 MB
Required Android:
7.0 and up
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Butter Camera is a free comprehensive photo-editing app. The goal of the app is to give beauty makers the best possible creative experience. With the use of user-friendly tools and features designed specifically for Chinese character typefaces and camera capability, the app aims to capture the essence of life and beauty.

To add unique touches to every photo, the app provides a large selection of filters, live filters, and effects. Because of the app's user-friendly UI, users may easily navigate and utilise all of its functions.

It has many features, such as an analogue filter, customisable filters, a selfie camera, Photo Editor Pro, and more. Collab Editor, another feature of the programme, lets users add a variety of effects to their images and videos, from vintage, grainy film rolls to a variety of cinema-inspired effects.

Cut Photo, Photo Collage, Photo Grid, Levels, Contrast, Saturation, Defocus/Focus, White Balance, Temperature, Lights, Shadows, and more are among the other capabilities that Butter Camera APK provides.

Personalized Photo Editing for Kids

The app recognises the value of self-expression, particularly among children. Kids may better record their most profound emotional reactions by using the programme to transfer their watermark maps to a text font rather than just attaching a square-framed photo.

Graphic Notes and Effective Editing

The Butter Camera app for Android does more than just edit photos and videos. Users may now create visually appealing and engaging notes with its assistance. Users may anticipate an elegant and sophisticated look in addition to a quick and easy editing process with a note vocabulary that has been carefully created and useful text templates. The software claims to provide a sophisticated and engaging experience for artistic note-taking.

One-Click Application for Templates

To save you the trouble of layout and design, Butter Camera APK Latest version provides a huge selection of pre-made templates, which include posters, images, dishes, scenery, festivals, adorable pets, and newborns. With a single click, users can apply any of these templates. To make things even easier, the "One-Click P-Picture" feature automatically determines what is in the photo and applies the relevant template.

Special Font Collection and Signature Character Features

Exclusive access to the original "Butter Soft-Boiled Body" and "Butter Shisan Body" typefaces is offered by the most recent Butter Camera APK version. More than a hundred carefully chosen typefaces in a variety of styles are available in the app, including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, and basic designs that range from adorable to endearing. Users are free to alter the text's typeface, colour, and other elements to make it uniquely their own.

A large variety of character kinds that are frequently used in dialogue boxes, creative labels, vlogs, and vlog titles are also included in the Flower Character function. With this tool, users may quickly alter the text content without having to bother about finer points like word spacing and colour, producing an adorable and appealing outcome.

Weekly Updates for Stickers

Every week, This app releases fresh and imaginative stickers to encourage users to explore and find hidden treasures. The app has a large selection of stickers, including original stickers made in association with independent illustrators as well as well-known intellectual property (IP) images like Gon's marmot, Ahri, Changcao Yantuanzi, Luo Xiaohei, and adorable soft rabbits. While enjoying the creations of skilled sticker artists, users are guaranteed to find stickers they adore and can use right away.

Filters and Special Effects

Butter Camera APK offers a wide variety of creative effects and filters, going beyond simple colour correction filters. These filters transform common mobile phone lens pictures into distinctive and inspirational moments, from film to Polaroid, from gorgeous women to vintage fashion, and from summer night stars to the first snowfall in winter. The programme is committed to producing visually striking colour filters that could drive innovative games and fashion trends in addition to functional ones.


Users may discover everything they need for drawing and creativity in one location with the Butter Camera app. With features like weekly sticker updates, one-click template applications, exclusive font libraries, weekly photo editing, graphic note-taking, and special effects and filters, the app promises an incredible creative experience, particularly for those who are artistic creators or want to capture life in pictures.

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