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6.2 for Android
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Apr 16, 2024
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5.1 and up
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FullPre is a free Photography Android App. Its gesture operating feature makes it simple to switch between the front and back cameras, zoom in and out optically, take pictures, and adjust the camera's brightness. Additionally, the app flips the white balance and supports effects - but only on compatible terminals. 

With this app's special feature, you may double-tap the screen to pause and resume the preview. Additionally, by pushing and holding the screen, you can store the stopped preview screen. Devices that support camera2 API are the only ones that can use FullPre Silent Camera APL.

Intuitive Gesture Controls

FullPre APK Latest Version has an innovative gesture-based operating system that makes it very user-friendly. You can effortlessly shoot images, change the brightness of the camera, switch between the front and rear cameras, and optically zoom in and out with a few simple swipes and touches. Because the motions are meant to be fluid and organic, you may concentrate on framing your photos.

Pause and Save the Preview

The option to double-tap the screen to halt the live preview is one of FullPre's best features. Then, by only tapping and holding on the screen, this frozen preview can be saved as an image. It's a convenient approach to catch and preserve a particular preview frame before it disappears.

In-App Camera Effects

With a swipe up or down on the left side of the screen, FullPre Android App allows you to add several effects to your viewfinder on smartphones that enable camera effects. Before getting the ideal shot, you can be creative and try out numerous looks.

White Balance Adjustment 

For your images to have realistic colors, you must use proper white balance. With This App, you can swipe up or down on the right side of the screen to instantly change the white balance. With this easy action, you can instantly adjust for varying lighting conditions.

Review Previous Shots

Do you need to go over the last picture you took swiftly? FullPre covers you. It's easy to verify your photographs without leaving the camera interface - just use two fingers to swipe left or right to see the most recent image in the viewer.

Preview Screen Controls

You have more control over FullPre while the live preview is paused. The preview frame can be resized, repositioned, or double-tapped to continue the live preview. You have freedom in how you interact with the paused preview thanks to these natural motions.

Camera2 API Requirement

It's crucial to remember that FullPre Silent Camera APK works only with hardware that has camera2 API compatibility. This guarantees that the app will function as well as possible and make the most of the camera on your device.

FullPre strives to be a potent yet approachable photography solution for compatible Android devices with its unique gesture-based controls, pause and save preview feature, in-app camera effects, and simple white balance tweaking.

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