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Cabal M Ph APK Download Latest Version 1.1.131 Download

1.1.131 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 06, 2024
120 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
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One of the most played Action MMORPGs is Cabal M Ph APK. This updated edition offers gamers a more engaging gaming experience. With all of its features, including gameplay and graphics, carried over from the PC version, the game boasts an original tale.

Players may easily enjoy the game without any bother thanks to the Auto Battle mode in the game. Another fantastic element that lets players combine abilities and launch strong strikes is the Combo System. Players can customize their characters by selecting from a wide variety of Ultimate Skills. There are tough, expansive dungeons and bosses in the game with countless tasks to accomplish.


Cygnus Server's arrival in the magical world of Nevareth became a ray of hope for aspiring Cabalists looking for a way to change the world. The chance to mold one's fate, enlightenment, and rebirth were all offered by the celestial presence. A council of enthusiastic Cabalists assembled, setting out on individual missions to discover Cygnus' mysteries. 

The promise of transformation reverberated throughout Nevareth as they ventured into abandoned dungeons and dangerous areas, motivating every CABAList to strive beyond predetermined limits. They had no idea that Cygnus would not only change their fates but also the fabric of their magical world, ushering in a new era of sublime power and enlightenment for those who dared to embrace change. 

The bold CABALists who accept the challenge will team up with the Mercury Server's citizens. Make connections with parties, guilds, and friends, both old and new! Let's work together to make the ties within the new Cabal community stronger.


The most alluring features of Cabal Mobile New Update APK are its furious PvP battles and action-packed gameplay. Players in this game engage in fast-paced battles against AI-controlled adversaries and other players from across the world, making it a more action-oriented experience than typical MMORPGs.

Players can select from a large variety of character classes, each with a unique playstyle and set of abilities. There is a class to fit every playstyle, whether you want to protect your teammates as a Priest, unleash devastating melee strikes as a Warrior, or wield strong magic as a Wizard.

Features of Cabal M Ph APK Latest Version

Adaptable Characters

Players in the game can give their characters whatever customization they want. The game offers a plethora of character creation possibilities, ranging from gender and hairstyle selections to height and skin tone adjustments. As the game progresses, players have the option to enhance their characters' abilities by giving them additional gear, weapons, and outfits.

Various Hero Classes

The game is notable for its varied assortment of hero classes, each possessing distinct playstyles and powers. There is a hero class to fit every taste, whether you want to charge into battle as a Warrior, cast potent spells as a Wizard, or offer assistance as a Priest. Players can experiment with different playstyles and methods to find their ideal character, as there are six classes available.

Easy-to-use and Perceptive Controls

The control mechanism of the game is designed to be easy to use and is optimized for touchscreen devices. The controls are straightforward, making it easy for players to interact with other players, engage in combat, and explore the game area. The simplified controls guarantee fluid action, whether you're using spells, unleashing lethal strikes, or navigating large areas.

Large-scale, realistic maps

A realistic and immersive game environment is provided by Cabal M PH Android APK, which features everything from vast cities to dangerous dungeons. Players can explore expansive landscapes featuring diverse scenery, challenging dungeons, and secret treasures. The intricate level designs and realistic environs enthrall players for hours on end and provide endless opportunities for exploration and discovery.

Thrilling RPG Action

Cabal PH Download offers exhilarating role-playing games featuring fierce battles, grand missions, and individual advancement. Engage in exhilarating adventures, accomplish challenging objectives, and engage in close-quarters combat with formidable foes. With so many options for positions—tanks, healers, and damage dealers, for example—players may customize their playstyle and devise unique solutions for any issue.

Collectible Armaments and Gear

Players in the game have access to an extensive array of weapons, armor, and equipment that they may gather to improve their characters' skills and personalize their gameplay. There are numerous collectible items to locate and outfit, including fabled armor sets, enigmatic staffs, and powerful swords. To better prepare their characters for increasingly challenging encounters, players can give them more strength.

System of Interactive Communication

Effective communication is crucial at Cabal Mobile PH. Players can connect in several ways thanks to the game's robust communication system. The interactive communication system makes it simple to stay in touch and work with other players, whether you're planning strategy with your guildmates, conversing with friends in the world chat, or using voice chat during combat.

Some Playing Tips:

  • Experiment with different character classes to find the playstyle that suits you best - each has unique abilities
  • Take advantage of the auto-battle mode when grinding or exploring easier content
  • Use the combo system to chain together powerful attacks and skills
  • Join a guild to team up with friends, complete group content, and get advice from veteran players
  • Fully explore each large, detailed map to find hidden treasures and challenges
  • Enhance your gear and abilities through the customizable progression system
  • Utilize the communication features to strategize with your team during battles


Cabal Mobile PH Game is an exceptional and immersive mobile MMORPG that successfully translates the PC experience. With action-packed gameplay, vast customization, huge explorable worlds, and a unique storyline, there is much to love. The character variety, detailed environments, gear collection, and interactive social systems offer endless replayability. Whether battling solo or teaming up with friends, Cabal M APK has thrilling RPG combat and progression to master. The touch controls are refined for mobile, allowing you to fully lose yourself in the magical world of Nevareth. It manages to stand out in the crowded MMORPG market by blending compelling lore, visceral real-time combat, and deep RPG systems into one incredible package.

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