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Naught Nart
2.0 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 01, 2024
26 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
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A new game that has emerged as an enjoyable and unique experience that combines stealth, strategy,  and a touch of playful mischief. Experience the commotion of a busy classroom as a ravenous cat goes on a covert hunt for food in this game, which was created by a skilled team of game designers.

About Cat Eat In Classroom APK

This engaging mobile game immerses players in a lively and demanding classroom environment. Players take on the role of a cunning and agile protagonist, amidst the distractions of the students and the ever-watchful eye of the teacher. Target: Indulging in appetizing food spreads while dodging notice and the ensuing penalties for being discovered.


The game is set in a busy classroom where pupils are playing games and not paying attention to the professor's lessons. A cheeky cat takes center stage in this hectic scene, perched perfunctorily on the front bench. A delectable spread of food, including a succulent platter of fish and a cool glass of juice, awaits our feline hero, satisfying his ravenous stomach.


In Cat Eat in Classroom Game, players must navigate the intricate classroom environment and have a delectable feast while dodging the teacher's constant observation. In this game, the user assumes the role of a cunning cat sitting in the front row in a school setting. Debunking the misleading impact being propagated in front of you is the aim of this, but there's a catch: you have to do it properly to avoid being discovered and punished, which may mean that the game is over.

Feature of Cat Eat In Classroom APK Latest Version

Immersive Classroom Setting: The game immerses players in a well-designed classroom setting, complete with animated pupils participating in a variety of activities and a watchful instructor on continual watch.

Cat Hero with Cunning Skills: Players adopt the role of a cunning cat that prowls the classroom, perches on the front bench, and devours appetizing food with a ravenous appetite.

Delightful Foods: The game offers a mouthwatering range of foods, such as a juicy fish dish and a cool drink, to satisfy the cat's voracious appetite.

Secret Gameplay: An enticing layer of challenge to the action is provided by the secret gameplay, which requires players to utilize cunning, wit, and agility to avoid the teacher's prying eyes while enjoying their secret feast.

Challenge Progressive: The difficulties in the game get harder as players go through it, making it more difficult to avoid the teacher's constant scrutiny and stay up to date on his culinary secrets.

Some Playing Tips:

Observe and adapt: Take note of the teacher's actions and the dynamics in the classroom, then modify your approach to capitalize on any opportunities for secret treats.

Time is crucial: Learn to time things well and strike a balance between overindulging in food and dodging the teacher's prying eyes.

Employ diversions: To generate distractions and conceal your covert culinary adventures, take advantage of a variety of classroom diversions, such as students preoccupied with tasks.

Reflex development: Sharpen your reflexes and fast decision-making abilities because it can make all the difference between succeeding and being caught red-handed (or maybe caught).


The incredibly original and thrilling mobile game Cat Eat in Classroom APK For Android skillfully combines strategy, stealth, and lighthearted fun. Playing the game will provide hours of fun and challenge thanks to its intensive classroom atmosphere, clever cat protagonist, and thrilling escape from detection. Regardless of your experience or familiarity with mobile gaming, Cat Eat in Classroom APK delivers a novel and unique experience that will captivate you from the first lesson. So, why do you hesitate? Sharpen your skills, go on this thrilling trip, and relish the classroom's hidden cooking experience!

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