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1.0.8 for Android
Updated On:
Dec 14, 2023
74.5 MB
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5.0 and up
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Imagine your collection of anime card characters coming to life on your screen and fighting alongside you. With Crazy Fight APK, an exciting idle card game that promises never-ending fun and excitement, this desire is almost about to come true.

Arrange your formation by using hero cards, see their auto-fights, win a variety of rewards, and amass an abundance of offline advantages. By consistently leveling up and improving the quality of your cards, you can fortify your team. This lets you enjoy the excitement of battle and gorgeous graphics while earning rewards with ease.

Create a large collection of anime character cards with iconic figures from several well-known anime programs by drawing a lot of heroes. To improve their capabilities, gather and upgrade these cards. Every character has distinct abilities and qualities that must be strategically applied to conquer a variety of obstacles.

Select one of the many game modes to continue having fun. Reward yourself with rewards for solving island mysteries, taking on challenges to vanquish strong opponents, and gaining experience and equipment.

Take in the visually spectacular fight scenarios created by the characters' mesmerizing designs and amazing skill effects. During skill performances, the screen comes to life with brilliant lights and amazing effects, giving the impression that you are in a real-life battle situation. Every battle turns into a visual extravaganza that keeps you interested and engrossed.

Engage in PVP combat in a variety of competitive settings, such as tournaments, and compete against people worldwide for rankings!

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Call upon iconic anime characters to engage in combat in an unknown realm.

Picture your collection of anime cards coming to life on your screen, engaging in combat with you. That dream is going to come true soon! You may have a ton of fun and excitement playing the thrilling idle card game Crazy Fight.

Release Your Hands to Receive the Offline Advantages

Deploy the hero cards to build the formation, watch them engage in combat automatically, collect a ton of offline rewards, and win a variety of awards. Maintaining the level and quality of your cards will help you get stronger and unlock more skills. You can quickly gain advantages while taking advantage of the thrilling battle and eye-catching visuals.

Call All-Out Rare Anime Heroes

Create a vast collection of anime character cards by drawing a lot of heroes. These cards will feature a range of iconic characters from different well-known anime. These cards can be upgraded and collected to increase their power and capabilities. You must use each character's special abilities and traits to overcome a variety of obstacles.

Various Game Modes Provide Endless Pleasure

You have a variety of game modes to select from. In addition to earning rewards for solving the island's riddles, you can take on challenges, vanquish a variety of formidable foes, and amass a large collection of things and experiences.

Beautiful Special Effects and Masterful Character Illustration

The battle scene is really exciting because of the characters' amazing skill effects and stunning designs. When the characters use their abilities, the screen will be flooded with amazing effects and vivid lights, giving you the impression that you are engaged in conflict. Each battle is a visual feast that keeps you engrossed and prevents you from getting out.

Engage in PVP Combat and Savor the Rivalry

Take part in PVP combat in a range of competitive situations, like going to a tournament and vying with people worldwide for rankings!

Get Generous Benefits Free

  • Brand new player gift: Receive a ton of incentives, such as draws and diamonds, for nothing!
  • First top-up gift: Get lots of FREE DRAWS by topping up any amount every day for 10 days!

Now enter the Crazy Fight universe and get to know your favorite anime characters! In this glamorous and lucrative game, you will have unmatched fun and excitement. Are you prepared? Join the battle by coming!

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