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2.0 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 24, 2024
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4.0.3 and up
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Disputazo Político APK is a fast-paced one-on-one mobile game featuring the top candidates running for President of Mexico.  To get points and win the election campaign, players can assume the role of a presidential candidate and verbally battle with rivals. This Game offers short, funny entertainment with two different game modes, eye-catching cartoon graphics, and a Facebook connection for sharing and competition.

Game Modes

Campaign Mode:

The Campaign mode is the main attraction of the Disputazo Político APK. You get to choose which presidential contender to represent in this game. When election time comes, you want to dominate the polls and participate in debating bouts with all of your rivals. To score points, you have to strike a delicate balance between taking on debate challenges, picking apart specific contestants, and winning the fast-paced debates.

Except for the candidate you selected to represent, the order the competitors appear in according to their actual current ranking in polls. Since that character starts from the bottom, your ability to debate effectively will be your only means of moving up the ranks and finally winning the presidency. Before the campaign ends, you can reach specific point levels along the road to gain silver and gold stars.

Arcade Mode:

This option provides ad hoc debates without the broader framework of a political campaign for more relaxed enjoyment. All you have to do is pick your character, decide who to debate, and take advantage of any of the chic day or nighttime settings. Here, scoring highly and accumulating points fast are the main goals. Spending debate points that you have earned can also be used to unlock the ability to play as more presidential candidates.

Features of Disputazo Político APK Latest Version

Fast-Paced Debates

The verbal sparring sessions between candidates are the central feature of Disputazo's gameplay. To disprove opponents, win over the audience, and catch your opponent off guard, you must make decisions about discourse rapidly. You have to outwit the opposing debater on the spot; there is no time to sit and consider your position. Games are fast-paced and exhilarating, with barely enough time to compose your reply as taunts and brags are exchanged.

Stylish Visuals

Although the arguments themselves are the primary draw, Disputazo Político Android APK also makes an impression with its vibrant, cartoon-style artwork. Every presidential contender has a unique appearance that exudes energy and expression. Backdrops might be elaborate outdoor stages or podiums filled with people. The graphics contribute to the game's personality, enhancing the arguments' hilarity.

Facebook Integration

Disputazo lets users link to Facebook so they may show friends pictures of their best or worst debate moments. Additionally, you may see rankings showing which of your Facebook acquaintances have won the most debates and accrued the most points. Replay value is increased when you challenge your social network to beat your high scores.

Tips for Disputazo Político APK

  • When refuting arguments, stay alert and respond quickly to avoid the clock running out.
  • Examine your opponent's weak points and continually hit them with well-aimed verbal jabs.  
  • Keep an eye on the audience meter and plan your comments to win them over.

  • To terminate conversations forcefully, save your most compelling information or snappy remarks until last.
  • In arguments, balance your attacking and deflecting strategies according to your present point totals.


Disputazo Político APK for Android offers an enjoyable mobile game experience with its cartoony visual charm, competitive fun with pals, and sharp debates. Game's presidential campaign offers hours of fun whether you appreciate verbal sparring bouts full of insults and comebacks, choose clever debate responses in a pinch, or just want lighthearted entertainment. Just be ready for some intense debates as you propel your favorite candidate from the underdog to the president-elect.

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