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Feb 29, 2024
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Ex Astris APK is an ambitious new 3D role-playing game that aims to provide players with a rich interstellar adventure. You investigate the tidally-locked planet Allindo as an investigator, learning about its mysteries. It is an engrossing role-playing game that includes turn-based tactical combat, open-world exploration, character growth, crafting, and more.

The game's protagonist, or main character, is an Earthling assigned to look into a new planet that resembles an extraterrestrial world. The protagonist would learn that polar nights and days typically cohabit there and that species are scarce on this new planet. This planet was once home to a highly developed society that had not been colonised by outsiders.

The storyline of the game will follow the same path as a road movie with tales of earthly detectives journeying with a travelling partner. You will gain skills in blocking, parrying, and using set combos to take out various foes in this game. To enjoy this role-playing game to the fullest, Download Ex Astris.

Global Exploration

Here is where a wonderful interplanetary journey begins: In the universe of Allindo, you will go on an RV adventure with a bunch of colourful friends, discovering new places with unique local cultures, preserving memories of amazing experiences, and deciphering the mystery surrounding an impending storm.

You hold the key to Allindo's destiny, investigator!


The game immerses players in the position of an investigator on the planet Allindo, where powerful storms in the shape of rings divide the world into two hemispheres. Travelling in an RV, you set out to discover the many cultures and scenery of Allindo while gathering memories of the remarkable creatures you come across. Still, there are signs of impending disaster related to the violent storms engulfing the earth. It is your task to traverse Allindo, answer riddles, vanquish adversaries, and eventually discover the truth about the impending catastrophe.


Combat in Ex Astris Game is a combination of turn-based and semi-real-time. You may precisely counter opponent strikes by timing your movements with the help of the inventive "Obscura Manoeuvre" technology. For a tactical edge, you can also perform strong combination moves and coordinated strikes with friends. The gameplay revolves around exploring Allindo's vividly imagined locales and cultures when not engaged in combat. In addition, you will have to make things, prepare meals that will increase the stats of the people in your group, and solve puzzles in strongholds.

Global Investigation

You will travel around Allindo as an investigator, a fascinating planet known for its never-ending sunsets. With one hemisphere perpetually facing its sun, Allindo is tidally bound in orbit around its star, trapped in a perpetual dusk. You will travel through colourful meadows and charming hillside towns with striking differences in culture. Travelling around Allindo's various biomes, you will come across strange species, exotic alien flora and fauna, and dynamic weather. Discover wrecked places and locales full of treasures hidden in dense forests, icy tundras, and parched deserts. Make use of the downtime in between main objectives to explore Allindo's vast areas on side missions and discover more about the planet's environment, people, and history at your speed.

Obscura Manoeuvres

With a focus on Obscuran Manoeuvres, Ex Astris APK For Android offers a unique blend of turn-based and real-time action gameplay. These are unique moves and coordinated actions that you can use to neutralise adversaries. They combine counters, follow-up attacks, parries, and reaction-based blocks into a single hybrid warfare system. Make a well-timed countermove to block a lethal blow, then deliver a potent critical hit in retaliation. Together with allies, execute sweeping combination attacks, coordinating coordinated movements for more damage. Laylah-Keys enhance moves by providing stat increases for armour penetration, critical hit rate, and expedited special ability metres. Put different Laylah Keys on your playstyle to personalise your move sets.

Advancement Frameworks

Along for the journey across Allindo will be a group of devoted allies, each with special skills of their own. By navigating Allindo's Sphere Grid, a branching progression board that lets you customise characters, you can increase their powers. Combine elements from various planet biomes to prepare meals that will boost the team's stats. To gain access to upgrade resources for character advancement and equipment augmentation, solve complex stronghold challenges. Equip the dependable recreational vehicle that will carry you across Allindo with items that you find along the way to aid in your traversal. You will make an impression on the planet and your companions' crew by solving puzzles, taking on tasks, crafting, and customising your surroundings.


Although Vi³ is referred to as the Princess of Doran, she has no authority over anyone in the relaxed kingdom of Doran.

Since her birth, she has answered Laylah's summons, knowing she is destined to be the Pilgrim of Allindo. She awaits the day of Reset, guided by a great storm caused by the Penumbra in Zin-Gerzen.

Astero, the Princess of Shadarra, was introduced to a young Vi³ nineteen years ago when she was invited to Port Windward. The Allindish and Earthers shared a house at Port Windward back then. Earthers took a group portrait of Vi³, Astero, and all the important players in the port's construction during her visit, preserving a treasured moment. Vi³ and Astero, who represent Doran and Shadarra in the picture, are shown in the middle, each clutching a Doronium sphere, a favourite toy among kids in Allindish. Though they were unaware of it at the time, the picture quietly hinted at their future fates, with Vi³'s sphere pointing down and Astro's upward.

Vi³ realised after this encounter that life on Earth does not experience the Reset.

Vi³ encountered Yan, an Earther investigator, on the day the Reset started. She wanted Yan to record both her travels and Allindo's final days before the Reset.

Some Playing Tips

The following brief advice will assist you in navigating the Ex Astris universe:

  • To advance your team's level, take some time to explore and find side missions.
  • Try different combinations of the party members until you have a composition you like.
  • In tight combat scenarios, use combos and timed counters to your advantage.  
  • Get a variety of supplies and ingredients to expand your crafting and recipe options.
  • To gain access to more resources and improvements, solve stronghold puzzles.


Ex Astris Free Download strives to elevate the role-playing genre with its inventive battle system, gorgeous open environment, deep crafting aspects and development, and gripping central mystery. There's no need to search any farther if you're looking for an atmospheric intergalactic journey across a surprising planet. Put together your squad and embark on an unforgettable journey!

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