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1.3.2 for Android
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Feb 13, 2024
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5.0 and up
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Game Ghaib APK is a first-person action horror game. Unlike most first-person shooter games, Ghaib uses the Quran as his primary weapon to subdue the opposition. Players must read the verses that are displayed on the screen to assault and battle the adversary.


Driving a car with her sister on a night to be an experience not to be forgotten pledge during his lifetime. He noticed a white person suddenly materialize in front of the car while he was traveling. Pledge swerved his car in a panic, causing an accident that rendered him unconscious. When he discovered his brother, who had been by his side, was no longer there. In a semi-conscious state, Pledge hears her brother calling for assistance in the distance. The Pledge battled to exit the automobile, but she was desperate to find her brother and explore this strange environment. But as it happens, he is not by himself in the jungle. While searching, he came across the being, Ghaib!


The game is played in the first person, where the screen displays information as though seen through the eyes of the characters that are being played.

Every level will present challenges for the player to overcome, such as hostile encounters or passive challenges like solving puzzles or discovering door locks. Supernatural animals like pocong and kuntilanak are the active foes here, actively pursuing and attacking players. Using a microphone to read the verse that appears on the screen while brandishing the Qur'an is one approach to combat them. If this scripture is understood correctly, the opponent will suffer and finally vanish (lose).

Features of Game Ghaib APK

The Al-Qur'an: The Holy Sword and Shield

Using the Al-Qur'an as a weapon to fight ghosts is the main theme of Game Ghaib. This unique feature of the gameplay transforms the experience from a typical horror game to a spiritual journey. You can use poetry as a weapon against the supernatural and as a means of combining religious instruction with entertainment value if you can recite poems with ease.

Levels, Puzzles, and Difficult Encounters

Game Ghaib's gameplay tests players with challenging puzzles and stages rather than merely mindless scares. Moving from one place to another isn't the only goal; you also have to avoid evil spirits that are attempting to stop you from getting where you want to go. Every level calls for more than just fast reflexes; it also calls for careful preparation, smart thinking, and accurate reciting abilities. As you progress, the game gets harder to keep players interested and challenged.

In contrast to other first-person shooter games, Game Ghaib elevates the horror genre. Armed with the Al-Qur'an as your primary weapon, you take on adversaries such as "pocong" and "kuntilanak." It is your job to use a microphone to read aloud the verses that are displayed, hurting the otherworldly beings until they vanish. The eerie atmosphere and excellent memorizing requirements add to the unique and exhilarating game experience.

Supernatural Game Narrative

The story starts when you, as Ikrar, set out on a mission to locate your brother, who vanished in an unexplained vehicle accident. Your bravery and reciting abilities will be put to the test as you traverse an unexplored wilderness and encounter invisible creatures. Game Ghaib Download is more than just a jump-scare fest because of the compelling narrative that gives the dread emotional depth.


Ghaib APK's goal is for players to complete a sequence of levels that will test their mettle. Players must progress through several stages in this game to advance. To advance to the next level, the player must complete the endpoint level at each level. Every level will include a lot of challenges, such as fighting ghost-like monsters, finding objects, and solving puzzles. The game's final scene will be shown to the player when they have completed the final level.

Tips for New Players

  • Take time to learn the control scheme so you can toggle between running and reciting quickly when in danger.
  • Explore environments slowly and methodically to uncover clues and items needed to progress.
  • Use noise from enemies to determine their location and formulate an attack strategy.
  • If you fail to evade or defeat an enemy, don't become frustrated. Memorize their patterns and locations to improve.
  • Sound is vital for both gameplay and storyline, so wear headphones for full immersion.
  • Adjust options to optimize performance before playing so you don't experience lag.


Offering a unique blend of religion and horror, Game Ghaib APK Latest Version delivers an innovative experience where memorizing Quranic scripture becomes essential for progressing and surviving. While still filled with jump scares and tense action set pieces, the addition of Islamic elements provides an unexpected new dimension to the survival horror genre. For players looking for more than just cheap frights, Game Ghaib weaves theology and folklore into its compelling, terrifying adventures.

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