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2.0 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 01, 2024
330 MB
Required Android:
8.0 and up
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Grove Street APK is an action game in which you will play as Carl. You are assigned a mission that has to be completed.

A few days have passed since Carl returned to his hometown, a place that was once full of memories. But after meeting his brother Sweet, he finds himself caught in a turbulent trap, so this peace is fleeting.

The Grove Street Saga Begins

Sweet wastes no time in giving Carl a new task that will serve as the foundation for an incredible story of hardship and redemption. Even though the plot of "Grove Street Home" was modest, it was still powerful, taking the player into a world of territorial disputes and gang warfare.

The Ballas Rivalry Rekindled

The task revolves around a bloody battle with the opposing Ballas gang. Carl had to take up arms not only to protect himself but also to defend the honor and territory of his beloved Grove Street as he was caught in a long-running feud. The battle had simple but strict rules: use your weapon or suffer the consequences.

Los Santos: A Washed-Out Battleground

Carl witnessed firsthand the brutal reality of Los Santos when he began investigating; once a bustling city, it was now plagued by the effects of urban ruin and gang violence. Since every corner held the potential for danger or opportunity, exploration became essential. Streets that had been flooded were a grim reminder of the stakes in the game and the urgent need for reform.

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