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App By:
Netflix, Inc.
1.3 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 22, 2024
3.7 GB
Required Android:
7.0 and up
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With Hades, a gripping new mobile game that promises to take you on an amazing voyage through the underworld itself, get ready to set out on an incredible adventure. Hades is a roguelike isometric dungeon crawler created by the brilliant team at Supergiant Games. It immerses you in the rich fabric of Greek mythology and combines thrilling action, elaborate storytelling, and breathtaking artwork.

Hades - NETFLIX APK is a brand-new mobile game that transports you to a different world. In this isometric, roguelike dungeon crawler, players assume the character of Zagreus, the son of Hades and prince of the underworld. Zagreus, enraged by his lot in life, swears he will go from hell to the earth to locate his mother. 

That seems like the prince of the underworld has his work cut out for him. Alright, prepare for death. A great deal. But do not be alarmed; you have the support of distant relatives such as Zeus, Athena, and Poseidon. And your character will become stronger and reveal more of the plot with every attempt to get away.

Greek gods will be cheering you on as you slash your way through an underworld that is always changing to escape the afterlife in this dungeon crawler. And when you try and fail? Give it another go.

Your mission is about to begin: as the immortal prince of the underworld, you must overcome a dangerous dungeon maze and face your fatherly concerns to fulfill your destiny in this action-packed, greek mythology-inspired role-playing game. This multi-award-winning adventure combines tense action with incredibly detailed artwork and storytelling.

An outrageous battle

You refuse to submit to the authority of the god Hades, even though he rules the hereafter. Take out the ghostly beings who prowl around your father's territory and escape to the outside world. With each escape attempt, you get stronger and uncover more of the narrative.

Let go of Olympus's fury

The Olympians will not abandon you! Use the powers bestowed upon you by Zeus, Athena, Poseidon, and other deities. Select from hundreds of divine boons to improve your skills. As you go, there are countless methods to shape your character.

Monsters, ghosts, and gods befriend

Get to know a fully voiced ensemble of restless souls and legendary figures and form relationships with them. As you explore the land of the dead, thousands of unique plot events take place, exposing the true motivations of this large, dysfunctional family.

Designed to be replayable

Every time you explore the underworld, you'll discover something new and your guardian bosses will remember you. Gain an advantage over your opponents and become permanently stronger by using the potent mirror of the night. Alternately, if you want an even greater challenge, increase the difficulty level and endure a torturous run.

Features of Hades - NETFLIX APK

Dynamic gameplay: Hades' constantly shifting dungeon layout makes for a singular experience that never gets old on repeat plays. Players are kept interested and alert by the challenges and surprises that each run offers.

Rich storytelling: Get ready to be enthralled by Hades's captivating story, which explores the intricate dynamics and connections among the Greek gods. As you go, you'll learn about Zagreus's past and motivations, which will enhance the gameplay's emotional impact and depth.

Gorgeous hand-drawn artwork: hades is home to amazing hand-drawn artwork that vividly captures the world of Greek mythology. Immersing players in its beautifully detailed world, the game is a visual feast with exquisite character designs and gorgeous settings.

Heart-pounding combat: With a wide range of weapons and skills at your disposal, combat in hades is fast-paced and thrilling. Choose from a variety of upgrades and weaponry to suit your playstyle. This gives you countless tactical options when fighting.

Gods and allies: On your quest, you'll come across a variety of gods and allies that can help or cause difficulties. Developing bonds with these individuals opens up new plot points and powers, which enhances the gameplay.

Playability: Hades is meant to be played several times, with each playthrough presenting fresh obstacles and chances for development. To keep the game interesting and new with every playtime, try out various playstyles and techniques.

Some Playing Tips

Try out different boons: utilize the heavenly boons bestowed by the Olympian gods to greatly improve your skills and style of play. Explore many combinations to identify the ideal synergy.

Use resources wisely: In Hades, efficient use of resources is essential. Use your resources wisely to improve your skills, weapons, and mirror of night to give yourself an advantage in later runs.

Learn enemy patterns: pay attention to and research your opponents' attack patterns to predict their movements and respond appropriately. Gaining proficiency with these patterns will enable you to play the game longer and advance.

Examine relationships: interact with the people you meet and establish bonds with them. This can lead to the discovery of additional plots, skills, and insightful information about the game's lore.


Hades is a remarkable work of art that masterfully combines the finest aspects of roguelike gameplay, intricate narrative, and breathtaking visual design. Regardless of your interest in Greek mythology or your general appreciation for skillfully designed video games, hades is a worthwhile experience. Get fully submerged in the underworld, create relationships with mythical gods and heroes, and set off on a remarkable adventure to avoid the grip of the afterlife. Hades promises to captivate you for endless hours of amusement with its dynamic challenges, engrossing story, and endlessly replayable gameplay. Prepare to overcome all odds and demonstrate that not even the prince of the underworld can escape the bonds of fate.

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