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1.0 for Android
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May 30, 2024
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5.0 and up
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Explore an abandoned theme park and solve puzzles. Everything is broken as it has been severely neglected and abandoned over the years.

Use your puzzle-solving skills to solve the puzzles. You will have to solve numerous puzzles, find souvenirs, and discover the reason behind the park's closure.

About Indigo Park APK

Indigo Park is an indie horror game where players are taken on a thrilling investigation of an abandoned amusement park. Designed as a first-person experience, the game invites players to uncover the dark secrets behind the park's mysterious closure while navigating its desolate and haunting grounds.

The eerie silence is only broken by the creaking of long-gone rides and whispers of the past.

Story of an Abandoned Theme Park

Indigo Park, a popular and bustling theme park, has suddenly closed for unknown and sinister reasons. Desperate to discover the reason behind the park's sudden collapse, the player character ventures into the abandoned park years later, driven by curiosity and nostalgia. However, the park's creepy inhabitants may hold the key to uncovering its terrifying secrets, as the player quickly learns they are not alone.

Explore the Abandoned Wonderland

Players are transported to a world where time seems to have stopped as they explore the overgrown and decaying remains of Indigo Park APK. The once-cheerful laughter and upbeat music have been replaced by an eerie silence and faded memories as nature regains its turf. Players must make their way through the barren attractions, revive the park's systems, and solve puzzles with the aid of an AI assistant, while also fending off the evil forces that caused the park's destruction.

The amusement park is introduced to players in Indigo Park: Chapter 1. It used to be a popular spot, but it was suddenly closed for unknown reasons. Returning to the present, you take on the role of a curious individual who visits the park and needs to learn the truth while attempting to survive. It is up to the player to figure out what or who caused the park to be closed.

The inclusion of your AI tour guide, Rambly the Raccoon, gives the game a different feel while maintaining a wonderful aesthetic that reflects the eerie atmosphere of a closed and abandoned setting. The adorable and temperamental figure stands out from the surrounding environment and makes suggestions for the player's next move. Much of the sound design uses ambient noise to enhance immersion, with strategically placed music adding to the suspense as needed.

Meet Rambley, the AI Tour Guide

An adorable and temperamental raccoon figure, Rambly is an AI-powered tour guide who is one of the game's distinctive elements. An uneasy element is added to the player's experience by Rambly's cheerful nature and 2D animation, which is a stark contrast to the game's sinister setting. Rambly interacts with the player through screens and other features of the park, offering advice and hints as they explore the park's sinister past.

Uncover the Haunting Secrets

The first chapter of Indigo Park APK sets the tone for a suspenseful and atmospheric horror experience. Players must escape the evil forces that have shut down the park while wandering deserted attractions, collecting clues, solving puzzles, and restoring power to the facility. The game's intense and frightening atmosphere is created by its amazing sound design, evocative ambient sounds, and perfectly placed musical cues. These elements keep players on the edge of their seats as they uncover more mysteries surrounding Indigo Park.

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