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VNG Corporation
2.12.18 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 28, 2024
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5.1 and up
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The thrilling new mobile role-playing game Kiếm Thế Origin APK carries on the tradition of the beloved PC game Kiếm Thế, also referred to as Sword World Online. Kiếm Thế gained notoriety as the “King of Swordplay Games” rapidly due to its intricate gameplay and techniques influenced by martial arts. It is being redesigned using the essential gameplay components that have gained such a following for mobile devices. 

Kiếm Thế Origin is the ideal combination of nostalgia and innovation; it updates graphics, controls, and quality-of-life elements while maintaining the core elements of the original Kiếm Thế, which were kung fu sects, player-versus-player combat, and teamwork. With Origin being developed in collaboration between big-name game companies VNG and Kingsoft, there is a lot of anticipation for its release. 


The planet Sword World, which has a variety of landscapes and landmarks reminiscent of ancient China, is still the center of attention in Kiếm Thế Origin Mobile. As a lone martial artist, players can choose from 13 main kung fu sects, each having its fighting techniques, special abilities, and narratives centered around the five elements. 

Players customize their characters, then set out on journeys to level up their abilities, face formidable bosses and foes, and represent their sect in fierce PvP combat. To complete challenging dungeons and multiplayer events, players must work together, whether they are forming guilds and parties or collaborating with AI partners.


The gameplay revolves around rapid-fire action fighting where players must use timing, combos, and strategy to defeat cunning adversaries. Using a range of melee weapons, spells, and physical methods according to their sect's area of expertise, players must strike a balance between offense and defense. To become unbeatable warrior heroes, kung fu masters must master the manipulation of the five elements and the release of stunning combo attacks.

Features of Kiếm Thế Origin APK

Auto Kiếm Thế Origin distinguishes itself from earlier games with significant features introduced especially for mobile devices and current gaming trends. This comprises:

  • New Sect: Now accepting players are the elegant, all-female Co Mo Sect, who do silk ribbon dances while brandishing lethal fans and needles. There are thirteen sects in total, therefore there is even more flexibility in the change between them. 
  • Inter-Server Siege War: Guilds fight each other across servers in an inter-server siege war, strategically capturing territory to win rewards and dominance points. 
  • Guild Tournament: The largest 2023 event is the Guild Tournament, where guilds fight to earn prestige and rare goods. Compete in 3v3 PvP team fights to test your abilities for prizes and glory. 
  • Companion System: Gather and raise AI allies to aid players in combat, crafting, and other activities.
  • Territories & PvP: Engage in extensive PvP fights with special incentives to wrest control of territory from rival guilds.
  • Yin & Yang Crypt: It is a difficult dungeon where five tough boss levels must be overcome by coordinated teams.
  • Classic Content: Stunning new graphics are used to authentically replicate the original PC game's NPCs, places, and maps.
  • Clan Activities: It includes team combat, worshipping masters, and gathering in guilds and families.
  • Hundred Treasure Chest: Spin golden shells to enter the Hundred Treasure Chest and enter to win jackpot rewards like premium cash, jewels, merchandise, and more.
  • Daily Activities: For advancement, take part in recurrent activities such as Song Kim, Thuc Nguyet Island, Treasure Diving, and Clan Flag Raising.

Significant enhancements to the UI, graphics, and gameplay responsiveness for contemporary mobile devices go hand in hand with the big additions. The game is easier to play and more engaging when played on the go thanks to its vivid Eastern fantasy graphics and straightforward touch controls.

Some Playing Tips For Beginners

Tải game Kiếm Thế Origin's depth of systems and competitive components can be intimidating at first. Here are some essential pointers for brand-new Kendoka beginning their training:

  • Try out guns and sects before making a long-term commitment. Think about your preferred fighting style.
  • Engage fully in guild activities for learning, community building, and loot. Yet switching guilds is not allowed. 
  • To level up and earn currency, balance team PvE and PvP with solo progress. 
  • Obtain allies early on to aid in battle, and upgrade frequently.  
  • Forge gems give significant stat increases. Set bonuses for craft items and artifacts.

Remain patient while you learn every mechanic; once you get the fundamentals down, you'll advance more quickly.


Kiếm Thế Origin APK, the eagerly awaited mobile adaptation of the "King of Swordplay," has large shoes to fill in terms of winning over both new and devoted fans. As players carve their legend across Sword World servers, Origin could emerge as the next big mobile RPG esports phenomenon thanks to its stunning graphics, intricate strategic fighting, and socially competitive components.

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