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Modernize Games
1.0 for Android
Updated On:
Jan 09, 2024
979 MB
Required Android:
8.0 and up
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The online game KOMPETE is free to play across multiple platforms, and you can make your character called a "KOMPETITOR" to play in different fast-paced game modes.

In a shared open world, the game has a lot of popular game types, such as battle royale, kart racing, basketball, and more. In this free-to-play cross-platform game, players can enjoy a lot of different things as they fight different challenges in beautiful settings.


KOMPETE APK takes place on Mahzookoo Island, a made-up place that grows over time and is where KOMPETE's tasks take place. This green island paradise has a lot of different places to play, like race tracks, basketball courts, golf courses, and more. Each one is designed for a different type of game.  

According to the story, Mahzookoo Island is the best place for "KOMPETETITORS," which is the game's word for rivals. So gamers on all devices are encouraged to leave the mainland behind and enjoy island life while testing their skills in exciting game modes.


In all game types, the game's progression systems work like in RPGs to let you change how your KOMPETITOR looks. Assign qualities and unlock traits that fit the way you like to play. You can show off your skills in exciting multiplayer games by combining smooth movement, unique gear, and custom builds!

Various Game Modes to Play

KOMPETE Game for Android has four main multiplayer game types that keep the action going all the time:

Blitz Royale

In this battle royale mode, teams fight to be the last one left in short 10-minute matches. Enjoy constant battles made easier by exosuits, strong weapons, and the chance to return. 

Kart Race

Kart Race lets players race on paths that are full of obstacles and shortcuts in a crazy game similar to Mario Kart. Use weapons and boosts to get ahead of other players and get good at drifting around bends.

Social Deduction

In this mystery mode, one player is quietly put in charge of a Thug and has to kill other players. Guards try to keep the civilians safe from the hidden Thug.


In 3v3 or 5v5 basketball simulations, you have to show off your skills like shooting, defense, and timing your shots just right to win.

Main Features of  KOMPETE APK Latest Version

Along with its wide range of great game types, KOMPETE also has some cool new features:

Cross-platform images that look like photos

KOMPETE Battle Royale Mobile has beautiful high-definition graphics and environments that look real. It also lets you play on different platforms.

Customize your character in great detail

Players can make a lot of changes to their character's look, gear, traits, and qualities to make them fit the way they like to play.

Progress like in RPGs

The game has RPG features, such as a leveling and experience system that lets you get new skills and gear for your character all the time.

Regular changes to content

To keep things interesting, the developers add new game modes, map places, cosmetics, and other things all the time.

Getting matched and social systems

It's easy to play and connect with friends or other players thanks to features like friend groups, chat, and lobbies.

Some Tips to play the Game

  • Master weapons and movements: Find out how to use weapons and movements in a way that gives you the most edge in each game mode.
  • Try out different builds: To make your character work best for the way you play, try out different mixes of gear, attributes, and traits. 
  • Teamwork: During games, work closely with your partners by talking to each other and planning your moves together.
  • Explore the open world: Between games, you can freely explore the open world island to find secrets and get better at how the game works.  
  • Try new things: Do the different daily and weekly tasks regularly to get experience and rewards for moving forward quickly.
  • Have fun in all modes: There are so many game types to choose from that you should try them all to find your favorite.

KOMPETE Game Download Android is a lot of fun for everyone to play with because it has a huge open world that is always growing. In this free game, the game types change over time, so both casual and competitive players will find a lot to enjoy.

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