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Lethal Company APK - Horror Mobile Game 1.9 Download

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SniPro Games
1.9 for Android
Updated On:
Jan 16, 2024
137.2 MB
Required Android:
5.1 and up
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The best horror game, Lethal Company APK, has several different levels, each one more horrifying than the last. The sense of sheer dread will surround you from the moment you enter the spooky mansion. Your ability to survive will be put to the test as you make your way through a world full of scary monsters, tricky traps, and pitch-black darkness in this 3D environment simulator.

Get ready for an incredible escape from horror unlike any other! Take caution! As the game progresses, a hostile creature will pursue you nonstop. You'll get chills from the monster's moves and genuinely terrible appearance. If you wish to survive, stay vigilant and outwit this creature. You'll have to work out several challenging riddles and uncover the mysteries that lie within the haunted mansion to escape. Look out for items and hints that may help you make your getaway.


You work for the Company on contract. It's your responsibility to gather scrap from industrialized, abandoned moons to satisfy the company's profit target. The money you make can be used to either buy ostentatious outfits and ship decorations, or it can be used to go to new moons that offer greater rewards and hazards. Take in the scenery, scanning every animal you come across to add it to your bestiary. Go on adventures in the magnificent outdoors and search through their abandoned steel and concrete underbelly. Simply never let the quota slip.

Your crew's protection can be your sole line of defense against these threats, which prey on the weak and lonely. You can lead your other crew members from the ship by utilizing the radar to identify potential hazards and the ship's console to unlock doors that are remotely locked, or you can enter together. Lots of practical gear for the task are available at the Company store, such as boomboxes, walkie-talkies, lamps, shovels, and shock grenades.

At night, things become riskier. Try not to leave anyone behind and coordinate with your fellow crew members to bring all items aboard the ship before conditions become too perilous.

Moon-Hopping Journey

You travel the moons as a hired laborer looking for precious junk. Your hard-earned money becomes your lifeblood, enabling you to take on more daring projects or make purchases like chic outfits and ship décor. Every moon presents a different experience as the lunar landscapes—both the vast outdoors and the ominous industrial ruins—unfold before you.

Investigating the Bestiary

On these moons, the natural world is an ecology in danger, not merely a backdrop. Examine the animals you come across to add them to your bestiary and learn about their tendencies and vulnerabilities. In Lethal Company Android APK, knowledge turns into a potent ally.

Cooperation and Survival

Perilous situations abound, preying on the weak and defenseless. Ensuring the safety of your crew is of utmost importance, and you have to choose between leading them from a distance from the ship or taking on the risks jointly. Utilize the ship's terminal to open remotely closed doors, use the radar to identify potential traps, and make sure everyone returns unscathed.

Company Store Arsenal

Having the appropriate instruments is crucial for ensuring your survival. Lethal Company Free Download provides a variety of products, including boomboxes, walkie-talkies, stun grenades, lights, and shovels. Every tool has a distinct function that helps you accomplish the quota while avoiding the lethal hazards that lurk in the shadow of the moon.

Dusk and Collaboration

The moons grow more deadly as night falls, necessitating further caution. Before nightfall, coordinate with your workers to grab all belongings and make sure no one is left behind. Navigating the lunar landscapes when the shadows come alive with hidden hazards requires teamwork.

Lethal Company Monsters

While you scour each moon for scrap to sell, you're likely to come across a variety of distinct Lethal Company monsters; some of these species are noticeably more lethal than others. Pressing [RMB] to scan for nearby wildlife will identify the species and update the Terminal on your ship with additional details.

Baboon Hawk

The flying birds known as baboon hawks typically emerge in groups outside. If you see them from a distance, it appears they are going about their business and won't come looking for you. They can be interested, but unless they have a numerical advantage over you, they usually won't attack first as long as you stay away. But if you approach them too closely or attempt an attack, they will retaliate with deadly force.


Bracken is crimson, with spiky appendages on its torso, and has a slightly humanoid shape. Its white sparkling eyes are what make it stand out the most.

It can be found indoors, where it will stealthily move to attack the player who is closest to it. It will, however, flee for a little while if you stare at it directly. But if you stare at it, it will eventually become hostile.

It will not give up on you for more than a minute after it slips back into the shadows, so you must stay alert at all times.

Bunker Spiders

Large arachnids that live indoors are called bunker spiders. They spin webs in their immediate area, therefore avoid stepping in one since this will capture you and notify the spider of your existence, which will inevitably result in your quick death. Since bunker spiders are difficult to kill, it is preferable to avoid them by avoiding their domain and slyly slipping through their webs.

Bunker Spiders occupy a region of the map when they initially spawn and cover it with webs. It could be feasible to pass them by without upsetting them if you see them standing still. But if they become hostile, they will come after you and assault you.


You encounter the difficulties of the lunar desert as you pursue profit with unwavering determination. Your ability to reach the Lethal Company Android APK will depend on the decisions you make on risks and tools. Accept the challenge, journey into uncharted territory, and make sure your crew develops into a potent force against the dangers of the lunar landscape. Your investigation of the scrap-filled moons and the Company's

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