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1.6.0 for Android
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Mar 02, 2024
80 MB
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7.0 and up
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Embark on a journey in Level Devil, a devilish platformer that will test your skills with tricky obstacles, unexpected twists, and hellishly difficult levels. As you navigate the treacherous abyss, success depends on keeping your cool under pressure and overcoming challenges against all odds. Can you emerge victorious and beat Level Devil at its own game?


In Level Devil Run APK, you are thrown into a gauntlet of platforming levels, each with a simple goal: reach the exit door to win. But the path is filled with diabolical traps and obstacles at every turn. Sudden holes in the ground, moving spikes, falling ceilings—one wrong step means instant failure. 

You must keep your wits about you and expect the unexpected as you face unpredictable threats. The mantra here is “Don’t get angry,” no matter the frustration. Mastering Level Devil requires skill, patience, cool nerves, and the perseverance to learn from your mistakes. The journey promises equal parts thrills, rage, and triumph.

The levels slowly increase in complexity and difficulty, pushing your abilities to the limit. As you dive deeper into the abyss, you’ll need all your cunning to overcome the devilish challenges Level Devil Run Download APK throws at you. Can you keep a cool head and emerge victorious against the odds? The test promises to be hellishly good fun.  

Features of Level Devil Run APK

As a platformer, Level Devil's APK's gameplay involves navigating precarious environments to reach an exit by jumping across gaps, climbing ladders, and avoiding hazards. Here are some key features you’ll encounter:

Treacherous Levels

A huge variety of levels, each with unique and unexpected threats to overcome. Falling platforms, complex layouts, moving obstacles, and deadly traps all stand in your way.

Demanding Challenges

Lightning-quick reflexes and split-second decision-making are required to anticipate threats and react in time. Expect lots of deaths and retries.

Diabolical Traps

Navigate around sudden pits, moving spikes, guns shooting at you, and environmental hazards like falling ceilings or sliding walls.

Minimalist Pixel Art

Retro pixel graphics provide visual appeal while keeping the focus on responsive platforming gameplay. 

Evolving Difficulty

As you progress, levels become longer and more complex, introducing new obstacles to trip you up. The simple becomes fiendish.

Global Leaderboards

Compete with other players for the fastest completion times and high scores.

Some Playing Tips for New Players  

Ready to challenge Level Devil? Here are some tips before you begin your descent:

  • Take it slow and steady to learn level layouts before attempting speedruns
  • Memorize obstacle patterns patiently through death rather than getting frustrated 
  • Time movements carefully rather than rely on reactions or button mashing
  • Analyze each level to predict upcoming traps and threats
  • Upgrade skills like double jump and dash to expand platforming options
  • Attempt challenge modes once familiar with base levels 

Can you keep your cool and use your skills to overcome each hellish level? If so, you might just beat Level Devil at its own game. Let the journey begin!


With its unpredictable levels, diabolical traps, and demanding platforming challenges, Level Devil APK promises to test your skill, reflexes, and determination like few other mobile games. Its minimalist pixel aesthetic hides fiendish-level design made to trip you up at every opportunity. Yet learning through failures, anticipating threats, and ultimately emerging victorious against all odds provides immense satisfaction. If you crave an addictive, raging, triumphant platforming experience, then descend into the abyss and beat Level Devil!

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