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App By:
Emily Leung
3.2 for Android
Updated On:
Jan 24, 2024
23.3 MB
Required Android:
4.1 and up
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This endless runner mobile game pays a heartfelt tribute to the late Taiwanese rock band Mayday and its lead vocalist, Monster. Players run through a journey of memories collecting energy balls while iconic album visuals play in the background.

About Life Tour APK

Life Tour is a casual game that allows fans across the world to rediscover Mayday’s music and its emotional resonance that accompanies all stages of a listener’s growth.

As the protagonist runs perpetually to collect glowing energy spheres, the backdrop keeps changing to feature Easter eggs and artwork from Mayday’s nine studio albums. Fans can test their fandom by identifying each album. 

Upon completing the endless journey, players receive special lyrics from Mayday’s song ‘Stay at this Moment’ along with a record of their run. The game offers two control mechanisms – tilting the phone and swiping left and right. Players also have to dodge obstacles to collect more energy balls as difficulty increases progressively.

A Tribute to Monster

The endless journey is a metaphor for the band’s late vocalist, Monster or Wu Qingfeng who passed away in January 2023. Fondly called ‘cabbage rice cake’ by fans for his sturdy physique and sweet personality, Monster was an iconic figure in Mandarin rock music for over two decades with Mayday.

So the game is a tribute to Monster’s immortal spirit - as he keeps running forever in our memories. It signifies how Mayday’s music forms an integral fabric of fans’ lives during joyous and tearful moments. Players can relive their fondest band memories by launching the game anytime.

Game Features of Life Tour APK

Some primary features of the game include:

  • Endless runner genre with increasing difficulty
  • Tilt and swipe control mechanisms 
  • Energy sphere collection system
  • Homage to Mayday’s nine albums via Easter egg visuals
  • Unlocking special lyrics upon journey completion 
  • Recording runs for later viewing 
  • Reliving fond memories of the band and Monster

Gameplay Strategies

To maximize energy sphere collection and run longer in the game, players can apply these strategies:

  • Study and memorize all obstacles and patterns 
  • Time swipes perfectly to avoid obstacles
  • Practice using both control schemes to identify preference
  • Enter zones swiftly before difficulty rises
  • Unlock power-ups through optimal energy sphere collection  
  • Keep reflexes sharp through regular gameplay

Thus, while acting as an endless runner, this game also immortalizes the spirit of Monster and Mayday’s music in the hearts of fans forever. The gameplay innovations combined with the emotional factor make it a unique tribute.

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