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App By:
Prasan Games
1.81 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 08, 2024
21 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
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In the difficult puzzle platformer Little Life APK, whatever you do affects your surroundings. Little Life is a unique game experience focused on adjusting to your surroundings, with gorgeous minimalist graphics, inventive mechanics, and mind-bending puzzles. 

Take control of a small square character and navigate progressively harder stages by manipulating obstacles like barricades and platforms through indirect means. You won't need any guidance or tutorials to acquire the ability to think creatively and unconventionally. Are you prepared to set off on a path of exploration where the planet and yourself are inextricably linked?


You take on the role of an inquisitive small square that has become imprisoned in odd, surreal settings. To move the square safely to the exit portal without using any direct control, you will need to develop your ability to adjust and manipulate the surrounding platforms, blocks, fans, and other objects. However, there is more to the world than just immobile surfaces. 

The surroundings of the square will respond to every movement, sometimes in predictable ways and frequently in unexpected ways. The only way to deal with the cunningly constructed levels is to cultivate an intuition for these environmental responses.


The objective of Little Life APK is to lead the unfortunate square through each level's exit while avoiding progressively tougher platforming obstacles and puzzles. You may rotate fans, put blocks, move platforms indirectly, and do a lot more with the help of tap, hold, and swipe mechanics, all of which have an immediate effect on the responsive environment. 

Placing strategic barriers can disclose hidden passageways, relocating a platform may affect nearby fans, and turning a fan may change the trajectory of nearby blocks. The true challenge lies in figuring out how your choices affect the numerous interacting components; only then can you create solutions for each puzzle that arises from these cascading causal effects.

There are no overbearing tutorials here; instead, the masterfully crafted stages naturally instruct you on the functions and outcomes of various interactive elements. Learning to accurately time, sequence, and combine commands to get the desired results is the actual problem. The game will put your reflexes, reasoning, and creative thinking to the ultimate test with its 40 progressively difficult levels.  

Main Features of Little Life APK Latest Version

  • An original environmental puzzle platformer with understated graphics
  • Indirect command over obstacles, blocks, platforms, and other things  
  • A responsive world where the surroundings are dynamically changed by player activities  
  • Learn mechanics naturally through level design without the need for tutorials.
  • 40 progressively difficult puzzle stages to solve
  • For accessibility, use simple tap, swipe, and hold touch controls.
  • calming electronic music intended to increase mental activity

Some Playing Tips

  • Take your time and pay close attention to the surroundings. Expect the worst.  
  • When you get stuck, take a step back and tackle the puzzle from a different angle.
  • Search for concealed interactive elements, routes, and environmental responses.  
  • To solve a puzzle piece by piece, divide it up into smaller benchmarks.
  • Come up with original, imaginative answers. There are frequently several ways to win! 
  • Make it a challenge to finish stages with the fewest possible moves.


Little Life APK For Android presents an ever-changing landscape that is directly affected by your choices, offering a genuinely unique take on the puzzle platformer genre. This mind-bending game transports you to an abstract universe full of puzzles that are just waiting to be solved thanks to its clean, minimalist graphics, simple touch controls, and well-balanced gameplay.

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