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Jan 27, 2024
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If you love memes and enjoy coming up with witty captions or punchlines, Make It Meme is the perfect game for you! Developed by studio Prealpha exclusively for the Poki gaming platform, Make It Meme APK allows players to compete in creating hilarious memes and judging other creations across multiplayer lobbies online. Let's learn about various gameplay modes, scoring systems, and tips to succeed at this addictively fun party game.


This game follows simple mechanics - each player participating in a match gets a random meme template image and limited time to come up with a funny caption or text to complete the meme. These player-created memes then get voted on by all participants on how humorous they are. Whoever scores the highest votes wins the round! Matches can be played privately with friends or publicly to meet other meme-lovers! 

Game Modes 

There are 3 engaging game modes to pick from:

  • Normal: Random memes and compete to create the funniest captions based on the template provided  
  • Same Meme: The entire match gets the same meme template and players have to independently come up with funny versions of it. Judges the creativity range.
  • Relaxed: No scoring stress here! Just playfully brainstorm memes with no time limits or voting judgment. Pure meme-ing enjoyment!

Meme Buddy Bonus

While rating submitted memes from other players, you can select your favorite as Meme Buddy. When you do this, you receive half of the total points your Meme Buddy scores as a bonus! So make sure to tag and award your preferred meme to maximize your round score.

Scoring and Winning 

During the judging phase, players vote for submitted memes on how hilarious they are through the following options - Upvote/Red Thumbs-up for extremely funny, Blue Thumbs-down for bad, Meh/Neutral sign for average/mild memes. In the end, the caption that bags the maximum cumulative Upvotes is declared the winning meme!

Some Playing Tips for MAKE IT MEME APK

To consistently create viral meme content, employ strategies like:

  • Closely observe meme photos or videos to identify humor triggers 
  • Brainstorm multiple unique punchline options before finalizing
  • Utilize current affairs references and puns for topicality 
  • Vote for the meme you laughed most at to earn a Meme Buddy bonus
  • Practice regularly and analyze winning memes to sharpen skills

Why Play Make It Meme Game?

For both casual social players and aspiring meme creators, Make It Meme offers endless enjoyment through:

  • Simple and quick caption-based competitive gameplay  
  • Familiar meme templates adding humor and virality  
  • Real-time judging of content by peer players
  • Fosters fast-paced creativity and humor skills  
  • Social interaction with public lobbies and chat features


Make It Meme APK provides easily accessible multiplayer entertainment by merging memes and banter between friends or random gamers. It tests both meme knowledge and spontaneous humor capabilities. The visual presentation and voting dynamics also appeal to today's internet-savvy generations.

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