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28.4.420523024 for Android
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Dec 27, 2023
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8.0 and up
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Microsoft just released Copilot, an AI-powered productivity app that works like ChatGPT and lets users chat with bots, make images, and write documents. Microsft Copilot lets users use OpenAI's newest GPT-4 model for free, which can help them be more busy, creative, and connected. 

Microsoft sees Copilot as a replacement for the no longer available Cortana assistant. It is powered by a large language model that has been fine-tuned using supervised learning and reinforcement methods. Its chat-like interface looks like ChatGPT, and it can quote sources and make poems, songs, and pictures based on text prompts in many languages.

Productivity Assistant

Microsoft Copilot APK is an AI assistant that can help you get more done at work, school, and in your daily life. It can write emails, stories, or scripts, sum up texts, translate material between languages, proofread, make resumes better, make personalized trip plans, and more. The AI assistant works on all devices and smartly changes based on what the user wants.

Making Images  

Copilot also has an Image Creator that uses DALL-E 3 to quickly change the way design processes work. Text prompts can be used to make high-quality pictures that range from abstract to photorealistic. This helps with coming up with ideas, collecting material, branding, making logos, backgrounds, illustrations, and more.

Large Language Model

Behind the scenes, Copilot uses Microsoft's own Prometheus model, which was built on top of OpenAI's GPT-4 base. For Copilot to be able to have conversations, this big language model has been fine-tuned using supervised and reinforcement learning. The app can understand and talk in more than one language, quote sources, and write poems and songs.

Everyday AI Friend 

As an AI companion that can be used every day, Copilot helps people stay connected, work better, and be more productive. It adds AI to search, artistic expression, connected experiences, and productivity, opening up new options and making workflows better.

Using AI to Boost Productivity

Copilot APK can give power to all kinds of users, including salespeople, customer service reps, IT experts, coders, and more. It gives regular people access to the most advanced language AI, which changes the way work gets done.

Key Features Microsoft Copilot Android APK

Get things done faster

This is about the productivity tools in Copilot, such as writing documents, emails, and scripts, translating material between languages, proofreading, and improving output. It can do these things faster thanks to its AI features.

Boost your creativity

With its integration with DALL-E 3 image AI, Copilot lets users make logos, illustrations, pictures, and other visual material by turning text prompts into pictures. This speeds up the creative process.

Stay in touch

It can make custom travel plans for people to help them plan trips and stay in touch with family and friends. Copilot can also help users keep their resumes up to date so they can look for work.

Find fresh ideas

By turning text prompts into pictures, Copilot lets you explore concepts, designs, and abstract ideas visually, which can help you come up with new creative ways.

Improve work processes

Copilot makes it easier for creative workers like designers to come up with ideas, find content, build brands, and do other things by automatically making logos, images, and backgrounds.

Now you can experience the future of AI

Microsoft's Copilot lets you experience advanced AI even though it is still in its early stages. It does this by combining powerful language models with creative picture generation. As these tools get better, the app could change the way people work. 

You can now get Copilot as a free helper that you can download. Copilot is an early look at the future of casual, conversational AI for people who want to use AI to make their work and personal lives better.

How to Use Microsoft Copilot APK

Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of Copilot:

  • Make it Clear: Give Copilot clear, detailed instructions to get better answers that are more relevant to your needs.
  • Ask for Follow-Ups: Start a conversation with Copilot by asking it clear questions to improve the answers it gives you.
  • Change the inputs you use: Try text, voice, and pictures as input to see what works best for your needs. 
  • Customize Settings: You can change things like reaction time and creativity level to make them fit your needs better.

  • Give Feedback: Vote up answers that are helpful and down responses that aren't so Copilot can get better. 
  • Be Responsible: Make sure you know the facts about important things and honestly use the results.
  • Enjoy yourself!: Use tips in creative ways to find new ways that Copilot can help you get more done.

By actively leading Copilot as a collaborative tool, you can make a lot of everyday jobs better with an AI friend that is helpful and can be changed to fit your needs!

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