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0.1.8 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 19, 2024
1.99 GB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
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Operation Apocalypse APK is an online 5vs5 tactical first-person shooter (FPS) game. To produce distinctive fighting heroes and combat maps, each with its particular flavor and flare, this game blends several alien cultures. Fans of the tactical shooter genre can expect an exciting and engaging experience with the game, thanks to its emphasis on strategic gameplay, distinctive character skills, and breathtaking 3D visuals.

In this game players on both teams have the opportunity to select an agent, or character, with special abilities and distinct skills before each game. These characters have special skills that they can utilize to their advantage, deal harm, or even take out opponents.


Players are thrown into a universe in Operation Apocalypse where many alien cultures have given rise to a variety of combat layouts and fighting heroes. Because each hero is unique, they are not constrained by the constraints of typical shooters who only concentrate on aim. Because of this diversity, there are a plethora of tactical options and each encounter is guaranteed to be exciting and different.


Operation Apocalypse is a game where teams compete in rounds, with one team trying to plant a "bomb" and the other team trying to defuse it. But the goal isn't as simple as planting or disarming the bomb; to win, teams have to fight fierce firefights.

Players are granted a certain amount of money and a little window of time at the beginning of each round to buy guns, armor, bombs, and skill improvements. Alternatively, players might decide to hold onto their money for later rounds and utilize the standard pistol. Each team and its members receive a different amount of money depending on several circumstances, including defusing or setting the bomb, securing kills, winning or losing the previous round, and more.

Shoot with time against

The game will allow you to use an intuitive control system that will be similar to other first-person shooter games for Android. To move in any direction on the globe as needed, all you'll need to do is utilize a directional "joystick." To shoot, leap, or reload ammunition, you will tap on the action buttons located on the right side of the screen. Similarly, you will be able to surprise your opponents by switching up your weaponry or by utilizing unique pieces from your armory whenever you choose.

Get the Operation Apocalypse APK for Android to play this amazing "shooter" where teams must navigate challenging, perilous circumstances. To win before the stopwatch runs out, shoot your opponents with confidence and eliminate more opponents than they do.

5vs5 first-person shooter game inspired by Valorant

Each round starts with players having a limited amount of time and money to purchase weapons, armor, bombs, and skill turns. Of course, you can also choose to utilize the standard pistol and save your money for a later round.

In the initial round, each team member will receive the same amount of money; however, in subsequent rounds, teams and individual players' share of the money will vary depending on who wins. Or did I lose the last round? Did I get any kills? Did I defuse or trigger the "bomb"?

Main Features of Operation Apocalypse APK Latest Version

Amazing 3D Visuals: The UE4 engine was used to create stunning 3D visuals in the game. Every little element in the scenes—from the settings to the character movements—can be appreciated by players, making for an incredibly immersive experience.

Simple Controls: The game's control scheme is straightforward and resembles those of other Android first-person shooter games. To navigate around the map in any direction, players can utilize a directional joystick. They can also shoot, leap, and reload ammunition by tapping action buttons.

Diverse Arsenal: Players can surprise their opponents and obtain a tactical advantage by using a variety of weapons and unique features that they have access to.

Cultural Fusion: To produce distinctive battle heroes, combat maps, weapons, and music, the game blends components from several alien cultures. This gives the game a particular national style and cultural flair.

Some Playing Tips:

Master Character powers: Become familiar with each character's special powers and discover how to make use of them in various contexts.

Talk to Your Teammates: In this team-based game, it is essential to coordinate and communicate well with your teammates to succeed. Exchange tactics, knowledge, and cover for one another.

Handle Resources: Take good care of your resources, including cash and skill enhancements, to make sure you have the equipment and know-how to outgun your rivals.

Practice Aim and Movement: Improve your aim and movement to be able to travel about the maps with ease and hit your opponents with accurate shots.


Players who enjoy tactical first-person shooters will find Operation Apocalypse to be an exciting and strategic gaming experience. This game promises endless hours of furious and captivating gameplay because of its gorgeous 3D graphics, varied character skills, and gameplay inspired by the well-known Valorant game. Operation Apocalypse Download APK offers an engaging and distinct gameplay experience that skillfully combines tactical combat and cultural themes, regardless of your level of familiarity with first-person shooters.

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