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1.2 for Android
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Apr 18, 2024
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5.0 and up
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The immersive adventure Poke Story APK skillfully combines the depth of cultivation, collection, and intense battles with the excitement of capturing fantastical creatures. With over 720 different kinds of pets to catch, each boasting four unique evolution paths, this game promises an experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional mobile gaming.

The Journey Begins: Capture and Collect

From the moment you embark on your Poke Story adventure, you'll be immersed in a world teeming with vibrant and diverse pets, each waiting to be caught and added to your ever-growing collection. You'll be able to capture any animal that takes your attention without worrying about version limitations, allowing you to explore and gather like crazy.

Evolution and Transformation

This isn't just an easy game to acquire things. You may shape and mold each pet you collect into a formidable ally by choosing from four different evolution routes for them. Along with changing their appearance and characteristics, evolution also opens up unexpected new gameplay mechanisms that will test the limits of your strategic thinking.

The Ultimate Power: MEGA Forms

Poke Story APK Latest Version introduces MEGA forms, which up the ante on the adrenaline factor even higher than the already exhilarating evolution paths. With the help of these strong transformations, your pets gain extraordinary strength, providing you the advantage you need to overcome the strongest foes. The pleasure of seeing your cherished pet grow into a MEGA powerhouse will astound you.

Battle Control and Skill Combos

Poke Story is about more than just collecting and developing pets—it's also about being an expert fighter. You'll be able to change the course of any battle by using your ultimate powers to enchant others during intense conflict. Not only that, but you may fortify your team and add to your collection by capturing adversary monsters with Poke Balls.

In this game, every creature has a unique set of skills. By combining your pets in the perfect ways, you can unleash powerful skill combos that will stun your rivals. The secret to success is to master these combos as you traverse the complex web of natural constraints, which include fire, water, grass, flight, electricity, and earth. Each of these elements has advantages and disadvantages of its own.

Cutie Anime Style and Immersive World

Poke Story's gorgeous adorable anime aesthetic, which authentically brings these lovable animals back to life, is among its most alluring features. Every facet of the game—from evolution to promotion to leveling up to the breathtaking MEGA forms - is brought to life with vivid, painstakingly created artwork that will mesmerize you.

New Features and Updates

Poke Story Android APK is a game that is always changing, adding new features and material regularly to keep players interested and involved. The universe of the game has been given new life by the recent addition of a new paradise theme, and the addition of new pets has increased the size of the already enormous collection, giving players even more chances to capture, raise, and dominate.


Pokemon Story APK is a bright example of inventiveness and fun gameplay. Players of all ages and skill levels will find a connection in this game's smooth blending of capture, cultivation, collection, and fierce combat. Regardless of your level of experience, Poke Story offers an unparalleled gaming experience for all players. So set out on this incredible adventure, capture them all, and unleash the maximum potential of your MEGA pets to overcome the obstacles that lie ahead!

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