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Pony Creator APK 2.1.6 Download

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2.1.6 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 15, 2024
20 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
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Make your very own customized pony figures! You may alter your pony's body type, hairstyle, colors, and more with the Pony Creator - even its attitude and emotion. You can export pictures straight from the game to share with your friends, or you can save your ponies for simple tweaking. Additionally, creating a random pony can make you chuckle if you're bored! One of the most sophisticated character makers available is the Pony Creator.

About Pony Creator APK

A delightful casual game called Pony Creator was created especially for young children who enjoy the beloved My Little Pony series' fairy tale ponies. Still, individuals who desire to create fairy-tale characters in their spare time may find the project interesting. Drawings by children are unique in that they let the user design the pony of their desires. Instead of allowing for the typical copying, it allows the child to let their imagination run wild as they design a unicorn or magical horse.

A pony sketch and a variety of tools are included in the Android game Pony Creator, enabling you to modify and customize it. The bottom of the screen is where you'll find every tool. The animal's physical shape is first modified, and then its mane, color, eye expressions, and even posture are chosen. The horse then gets dressed.

Pony Creator has a vast selection of fashionable hats, ties, jewelry, and other accessories. Since a pony can be made to look as fashionable as possible, the creators have included the option to tattoo any area of the miniature horse's body. Every effect is applied rapidly, allowing the player to assess their selection and save the modifications right away.

Features of Pony Creator APK Latest Version

  • Completely adjustable pony body height, weight, and buffiness.
  • More than a hundred apparel and accessory items.
  • You may color your favorite horse with 16 million colors.

  • Seventy choices for tails and manes.
  • Posing options are endless because the pony's body and head can turn in any way.
  • more than fifty tattoo possibilities.
  • An easy-to-use UI.
  • customization of every little feature.

Character Customization

You may completely customize your one-of-a-kind pony character with the Pony Creator APK Download. The pony's body type, size, and muscular definition are entirely up to you. You can customize the color of your pony to your liking with over 16 million available options. There are seventy various mane and tail styles available on the app. The pony's head and body can be positioned in countless ways for different posing scenarios.

Additives and Accent Pieces  

You may accessorize with over 100 different clothing items, including hats, ties, jewelry, and more, in addition to the pony itself. Apply one of the more than fifty entertaining tattoo designs to your pony's body to enhance your design even further. You can create one-of-a-kind pony designs with these accessories.

User-Friendly Interface

Everyone may easily use the app because of its very straightforward and minimalistic UI, including small toddlers. You may add your touches to every little feature of your pony creation thanks to the thoughtful organization of all the customization tools. The software is enjoyable to use because of its simple design.

Saving and Sharing

You can save your ideal pony design for further customization after you've created it. You may export pictures of your ponies from the app and share them on social media or with pals. You may share and save your pony designs with ease.

Fun for All Ages

Despite being created with young My Little Pony fans in mind, fantasy character makers of all ages can enjoy using the Pony Creator APK For Android. It's a wonderful family activity that lets parents help their children choose colors and designs, strengthening their relationship. But letting their creativity run wild can be enjoyable for even grownups.

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