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Ragnarok Origin: ROO APK 7.2.1 Download

7.2.1 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 29, 2024
1.36 GB
Required Android:
6.0 and up
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Ragnarok Origin: ROO APK brings the epic fantasy world of the classic Ragnarok Online games to mobile in a rich, expansive 3D universe. Select your hero and personalize their equipment and abilities as you take on quests with friends, fight monsters, and discover mysteries.

Discover regal kingdoms, enigmatic dungeons, and vast, uncharted territories in this free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game, all while personalizing a hero to fit your playstyle.


Ragnarok Origin Roo Mobile, including verdant plains, ominous dungeons, choppy oceans, and mythical realms. The vivid 3D graphics transport you to this world of enigmatic creatures, remarkable people, and archaic tales that are just waiting to be discovered. 

The numerous side tasks and main story missions can be completed on your own time. Fun missions can also be found in little daily jobs. You have complete control over where you go and what you seek in this vast globe.

You will gather animals to go with you on your travels. When you struggle against formidable bosses and menacing enemies, these beasts will fight valiantly by your side. It is also advised to form alliances with other fighters because doing so enables you to plan attacks on formidable foes that you could not beat on your own.


In the game, you can completely design your hero's appearance, abilities, and equipment. You will receive experience points to increase qualities such as critical hit probability, health, and more as you complete tasks and destroy opponents. You have control over your magic attacks and battle abilities thanks to the complex skill tree.

Deep customizing is another feature of the gear system. When enemies are defeated, you can take their weapons, armor, and accessories as loot or use in-game currency to buy better stuff. These may offer bonus effects and stat increases. Gathering gold and rare resources will be your ongoing task as you create and enhance the perfect gear.

Expansive Open Worlds to Explore

The vast worlds of Ragnarok include serene woods, scary caverns, busy village squares, historic ruins, and realms appropriate for mythical creatures. These varied settings are given life by the vivid 3D graphics, which entice you to explore more. Unknown quests appear as you explore new locations, and weird animals and fascinating people are waiting for you to interact with them. It is entirely up to you how you choose to navigate this hugely open environment. 

Freedom to Change Classes Freely

Ragnarok doesn't force you to play as a certain character class as most RPGs do. Alternatively, you can switch between classes such as Mage, Merchant, Acolyte, Swordsman, and more. Every position has unique attacks and support skills that need to be mastered. This gives you the flexibility to adjust your skills to the tasks at hand, whether they call for magic, physical force, or cunning. Changing classes makes the game interesting.

Deep Hero Customization Systems 

You can completely customize your hero by choosing different skills and gear upgrades in addition to changing classes. Take down enemies and loot their armor and weaponry, or use in-game money to buy stronger gear. Allocating points every time your hero levels up will boost characteristics. You can gradually learn new spells and attacks thanks to a large skill tree.

Exciting PvP and Guild Battles

As your hero acquires strength, pit them against opponents in competitive PvP arena fights to see how strong they are. Alternatively, form a guild with other players to take on intimidating raid bosses and rivals in massive GvG tournaments for glory. These multiplayer modes call for deft coordination between the special abilities of each hero.

Building Meaningful Connections

Although exploring on your own can be a lot of fun, Ragnarok Origin Roo Download strongly suggests forming buddies. In towns, engage in conversation with other players before forming groups to tackle dungeons and quests. Groups are necessary for more challenging bosses and exclusive levels. Come together as a powerful group, planning your moves according to your hero classes and skills to win.  

Breathtaking World Brought to Life

Magnificent Universe Brought to Life by Ragnarok The stunning mountains, foggy shorelines, and abandoned kingdom ruins seen in Origin's sceneries are all well rendered in crisp high-definition graphics. Whether you're exploring diabolical catacombs or cruising across celestial pastures, soothing background music is the ideal accompaniment. Additional visual splendor is added by thousands of gear pieces, pets, and other valuables.


The greatest aspects of MMORPGs that are currently playable on mobile devices are embodied in Ragnarok Origin APK for Android, which offers large realms to explore, intricate character growth systems, and PvE and PvP gameplay. Heroes from all backgrounds will discover adventure tailored to their playstyle in this fantastical world where legends are born, whether they choose to play alone or with new friends.

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