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Version: for Android
Updated On:
Mar 30, 2024
1.1 GB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
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Discover how the legendary MMORPG is being brought back to life with Ragnarok: Vertical, a masterwork of 3D gaming that authentically recreates the legendary Ragnarok Online. Enter a world where switching between horizontal and vertical screens is effortless, providing a novel and simple gaming experience. Relive the nostalgia of Ragnarok as you meet up with former companions at the South Gate and take on incredible tasks, such as taking on formidable MVPs.

About RAGNAROK Vertical APK

Ragnarok Vertical is a 3D MMORPG APK that is an authentic recreation of the classic MMORPG Ragnarok. Players can freely switch between horizontal and vertical screens in this game, which makes for a unique and easy-to-use gaming experience. A whole new chapter of the cherished Ragnarok Online has begun with the return of Ragnarok!

Memorable Journey and Reunion

For fans of the original game, one of the attractions of Ragnarok: Vertical is its potential to evoke nostalgic memories. Reunited to take on the MVP, players can catch up at the famous South Gate and relive their nostalgic past escapades together. It will cheer adventurers to know that their old friends from the first Ragnarok Online are waiting for their victorious return, renewing the friendships and relationships they shared years ago.

Realistic Reenactment of Vintage Courses

The six cherished first classes of Ragnarok Online are included in Ragnarok: Vertical, in keeping with the faithful replication of the original game: Swordsman, Mage, Archer, Acolyte, Merchant, and Thief. To recreate the time-tested gameplay dynamics that made the original game so exceptional, players can collaborate with their colleagues to create new glories. Fans of the original Ragnarok Online may return to the familiar and beloved world thanks to this accurate reproduction.

Trading System Immersion

RO Ragnarok: Vertical APK unveils a brand-new trading system designed just for explorers. By setting up their booths and trading freely with other players, gamers may build a thriving and dynamic in-game economy. To further enhance the trade experience, the game also includes auctions where uncommon objects can be purchased for less money.

Adorable Pets and Horses

Adorable creatures and horses are included in Ragnarok: Vertical to further improve the immersive and entertaining gameplay experience. Explore an array of charming animals, such as Pink Porings, goofy Alpacas, and more, that enhance the gaming experience and provide charm and immersion. Take your pets into combat with you and give them missions to complete against legendary monsters such as Porings outside the South Gate. The gameplay is made more whimsical and enjoyable by the addition of foolish alpacas and other endearing creatures, which also contribute to the game's lovely and captivating ambiance.

Unusual Side Feature

The Games's idle system, which offers players a leisurely adventuring experience, is one of its distinctive aspects. Players can continuously level up and get stronger using this system, whether they're playing online or off. In idle mode, users can forget about their troubles and take pleasure in a laid-back gaming session while advancing the game at their speed.

Vertical Screen Exploration and Adaptability

With its all-new vertical screen interface, RO Ragnarok: Vertical for Android promises a more straightforward and laid-back gaming experience. The game does, however, allow players to easily swap between horizontal and vertical screens in recognition of the fact that different players may prefer different screen orientations. Because of its adaptability, gamers can select the ideal gaming experience based on their interests.


Ragnarok Vertical APK is an authentic recreation of the original Ragnarok Online, filled with nostalgic adventures, an immersive trading system, adorable pets and mounts, a casual idle feature, and customizable screen orientation options. It is sure to provide both experienced and novice players with entertaining gameplay. Come along for the ride as we usher in a new era of Ragnarok Online, complete with beloved friends, well-known locations, and thrilling gameplay features.

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