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1.0.003 for Android
Updated On:
May 31, 2024
130 MB
Required Android:
5.1 and up
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Ride Kamens APK is an action role-playing game that takes you to the world of the famous live-action anime Kamen Rider. To combat strong opponents in this game, you control masked bikers with unique abilities.

The vibrant environment in the game takes you to the world of Kamen Rider. You will visit famous locations from the fictional TV show's depiction of Japanese cities. Play with as many recognizable motorcycle riders as possible from the start, who hide their faces under masks made to look like insects.


The story takes place in Nigoo City, a place where society and the environment live together. The main character discovers that a Kamen Rider has lost his real memory as a result of physical changes brought on by Chaos. As an agent assisting Kamen Rider, the main character follows in his late father's footsteps.

Accompanied by sixteen different Kamen Riders representing different ages, professions, and ideologies, they fight to change their "predestined fate" and regain their memories!

Learn more about the characters and relationships of the 16 Kamen Riders by unlocking different stories throughout the game, including character and card episodes.


The mysterious "Chao Stone" has the potential to enhance the Kamen Riders' abilities. Visit the city to investigate with the Kamen Riders to obtain this Chao Stone.

In the Survey, you can join the locals and record "episodes" with the Kamen Riders by visiting every location in Hongyan City.

The final Chao Stone you get will vary in strength depending on the actions you take during the investigation. To obtain the Chao Stone belonging to each Kamen Rider, simply repeat Investigate.


A battle in which you can show off the power of the Chao Stones you have learned through study!

Since the skills are activated automatically, complex operations are not necessary for basic play.

Use special moves to defeat your opponents and highlight the uniqueness of each Kamen Rider.


Join the Kamen Riders at the Masked Café, which is open and serves as the hideout of the "Agents".

You can access voices, stories, and other content by interacting with them and increasing their affinity level.

Amazing Visuals

Ride Kamen APK For Android features graphics that closely resemble Shotaro Ishinomori's in-universe artwork. This means you will always be able to sense the immense power of each motorcyclist in the game, thanks to the wonderful animations. You will engage in exciting battles while playing, facing villainous entities such as the Shocker Clan and the Government of Darkness.

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