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1.0 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 20, 2024
Varies with device
Required Android:
8.0 and up
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Rooftops and Alleys APK is a brand-new game based on the parkour and freerunning gaming genre that aims to create a fun single-player experience with multiple maps in which you can move around freely and challenge yourself. The game will have its unique look and its own control scheme and tracking system.

Rooftops & Alleys: Parkour Game is a simulation of the most reckless and brave individuals whose personal feats often leave passers-by in awe. Greetings from the most accurate parkour simulator. But the realism stops at the laws of physics when it comes to climbing and jumping. You can practice amazing tricks and jumps throughout the city, which will help you conquer obstacles and establish yourself as a rooftop legend in the area.


This third-person 3D platformer has parkour mechanics at its core. To get the best possible score, players must complete obstacle courses throughout the city while performing various tricks and trick movements. Character customization is available to players, and the game offers a variety of areas scattered across the city, including alleyways, parks, and building rooftops. Players can use a variety of platforms, including railroads and ramps.

Modes to Play

There are two game modes: Trick Challenge, where players must execute unique, challenging techniques, and Time Trial, where players must pass through checkpoints with the best possible score. Additionally, you can use Pigeon to create a bespoke course with the Session Creator system.

Features of Rooftops and Alleys APK

  • Parkour: This game focuses on the systematic discipline of parkour, which involves using vaulting, rolling, running, climbing, and other clever moves to navigate challenging landscapes and move from one location to another.
  • Freerunning: Parkour and freerunning are similar, but freerunning focuses more on artistic and acrobatic techniques. Flips, spins, and other stylized moves are available to players.
  • Tracking System: A feature that lets players navigate the area while performing different stunts and combos. This possibly involves using special motion controls or button combinations.
  • Scoring system: Players are awarded points according to the complexity, originality, and flow of their maneuvers and tricks.
  • Multiple Maps: The game features a variety of urban settings that can be explored and navigated, including parks, building rooftops, and alleyways.
  • Dynamic Weather: The game features a dynamic weather system that can alter the gaming mechanics and the appearance and feel of the surrounding environment.
  • Character Customization: Gamers can change the look of their in-game character by applying different outfits, accessories, and cosmetic options.
  • Free Wander: The game lets players freely explore and wander around open areas, except for certain courses or challenges.
  • Third and first-person camera: First-person and third-person camera perspectives are interchangeable for players to use while playing.
  • Ragdoll/Bell Button: This is a control or button that activates the ragdoll physics effect, which makes the character stutter and reacts realistically when hit and fall.
  • Slow Motion Button: A control or button that slows down the game for a while to execute maneuvers and tricks at the exact moment.


Rooftops & Alleys APK Download is a fantastic platformer game for those who want to try something different. Explore huge maps, and try new maneuvers and tricky tricks in your free time. Go and have fun; the world is your playground!

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