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16.86 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 07, 2024
887 MB
Required Android:
4.4 and up
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Sausage Man Kamen Rider APK is a Chinese multiplayer battle royale mobile video game. A collaboration with the Kamen Rider Series exclusive to mainland Chinese servers ran from January.

This game is set on a quirky island full of customizable sausage characters. this unique Chinese game has found a global audience with its exhilarating combat, silly sense of humor, and vibrant world to explore. Let's take a closer look at what makes Sausage Man such an explosively fun experience.  


You are a comical sausage fighter who has found yourself stranded on the colorful Sausage Island. With other kooky sausage characters as opponents, you must scavenge the island for weapons, gear, and power-ups as you try to eliminate the competition and emerge victorious in humorous battle royale showdowns. Special collaborative events have given players the chance to join forces with famous characters like those from the Kamen Rider series.  


In Sausage Man's fast-paced 100-player PvP battles, you'll paradrop into the battlefield and immediately start strategizing how to get the jump on enemies. Find useful firearms and equipment around the island, from flare guns to revival tools to tactical shields. Use your arsenal to expertly take out other players while also tactically positioning yourself within the shrinking combat zone. Quick reflexes and smart teamwork are key to being the last sausage standing!

Features of Sausage Man Kamen Rider APK

Deeply Customizable Characters

Sausage Man lets you craft the perfect wacky avatar to strike fear into your foes (or maybe just laughter). Costumes span hilarious themes like cyberpunk, French maid, koi fish, and more. You can even track your in-game stats and achievements on unique "Party Cards".

Diverse and Immersive World

The colorful island features multiple themed areas, each with its tone and tactical advantages. Splash around in water, happily jump on enemies from rooftops, hide in vibrant greenery, and much more as you explore the environment for a leg up. 

Rich, brush remember the key points about powers and gear from the passage.

The game offers a wide array of equipment and power-ups to find and master for combat advantage. In addition to realistic guns, melee weapons, and helpful defensive gear like tactical shields, you can find special abilities that temporarily give you advantages like a protective energy shield or the power to summon and pilot a massive dragon to reign fiery destruction from the skies above!

Multiplayer Fun

Both cooperate and compete with fellow sausages during online multiplayer battles. Hilariously emote, explore, and get into all sorts of hijinks between matches. There are also dedicated modes for teamwork-based missions against enemy forces.

Some Playing Tips for Beginners

  • Scavenge for as many flares and revival tools as you can to help downed squadmates
  • Use the surroundings to your advantage - climb buildings for sniping, hide in foliage, float on water with a life preserver equipped
  • Mind the shrinking combat boundaries and make sure to head towards the center
  • When piloting explosive/ability-summoned entities like the Divine Dragon, aim for clusters of opponents
  • Customize your character in a way that represents your preferred playstyle
  • Communicate and work together with teammates to take out foes more effectively


Between the goofy aesthetic, chaotic and unpredictable combat and creative array of customization and multiplayer possibilities, Sausage Man Kamen Rider APK provides some utterly unique spins on the battle royale mobile game format. If you have a taste for silly laughter alongside your adrenaline-pumping shooting and loot hunts, giving this explosive and offbeat title a try is a no-brainer. Drop in with friends and get ready to become a legendary sausage warrior!

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