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App By:
Gao Shao Yang
Version: for Android
Updated On:
Jun 06, 2024
551 MB
Required Android:
6.0 and up
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In the thrilling 3D card game Shinobi Shippuden APK, skill and strategy are combined to decide the future of your ninja clan. Gather strong ninjas, become an expert at their special skills, and use their strategic gameplay to lead your team to victory in tough fights.

Immersive 3D Experience

The game provides a 3D experience that is immersive and visually striking, bringing the colorful world of ninjas to life. A genuinely fascinating mood is created by the amazing detail used to render every combat and scene.

Tactical Card Battles

A tactical card-based fighting system is the main feature of Shinobi Shippuden APK. Assemble the best ninja squad possible and take part in tactical combat. Utilize your ninjas' combined skills and abilities to outmaneuver and subdue your adversaries, winning the war.

Diverse Ninja Roster

Expand your squad of ninjas by unlocking and developing various fighters, each with unique abilities and fighting techniques. Build a well-rounded team that can handle a range of obstacles and opponents, from nimble assassins to strong elementalists.

Epic Story Campaign

Set out on a unique journey with thrilling quests and captivating tales. As you go through an epic tale campaign, discover the hidden secrets of the shinobi world.

Competitive PvP Mode

Engage in fierce PvP combat with gamers from across the globe to put your strategies to the test. Outwit your rivals in intense online combat to rise the leaderboards and earn the title of strongest shinobi.

Engaging Events and Prizes

Take part in exclusive in-game events to stay up to know on regular changes and new content. Gain exceptional rewards and develop your ninja skills to give you a competitive advantage over your opponents.


Shinobi Shippuden APK offers an intense and engaging gameplay experience for all fans of tactical and action-packed games. Prepare to join a world where ninjas are supreme and your ability and strategy will be put to the test in every encounter.

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