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1.0.2 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 09, 2024
45 MB
Required Android:
8.0 and up
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Super Birds APK is an intriguing new decryption puzzle game for Android that puts your logical thinking abilities to the test while also letting you earn real cash rewards. Blending elements of fantasy, adventure, and brain-teasing fun, it offers a fresh gaming experience.

About Super Birds APK

In this game, players assume the role of a hero on a mission to rescue caged birdmen from their evil enemies. To succeed, you must cut ropes in the correct sequence within tight time limits to create an escape route avoiding traps and hazards.  

With increasingly challenging levels, the puzzles require quick analytical thinking to decipher solutions. You must exercise your intelligence, logic, memory, and creativity to progress through this immersive world and become the next superhero.

Gameplay & Scoring

Super Birds gameplay involves downloading the app and creating a free account. As you complete levels, you earn points based on difficulty and speed. Points accumulate over time and can be exchanged for cash payouts. Supplemental income streams in the game include:

  • Watching promotional videos
  • Completing special tasks  
  • Referring friends

You have the flexibility to play the Super Birds game anytime, anywhere without an internet connection. It provides a portal into a stimulating universe of mental challenges infused with light-hearted appeal.

Cash Rewards System

The cash withdrawal process is facilitated securely using an integrated digital wallet called Pagbank. You simply link your Pagbank account within Super Birds and request payouts of your earned points translated into Brazilian Real currency. 

There is no relationship between Super Birds and Pagbank beyond leveraging the financial application for payments. You can create a free Pagbank account using your citizen ID number and phone.  

The minimum and maximum daily withdrawal amounts are R$10 and R$100 respectively. You can use funds in your Pagbank account to purchase in-game credits or transfer them to your bank.

Benefits of Playing Super Birds APK Latest Version

The game offers a multitude of benefits beyond monetary rewards. These include:

  • Exercising your brain through increasingly tough logic puzzles 
  • Relaxing, de-stressing and having fun
  • Bonding and building community with other game enthusiasts
  • Gaining a sense of accomplishment by clearing difficult levels
  • Enjoying the creatively designed fantasy-based gaming environment 

In summary, Super Birds provides a rewarding intersection of entertainment, mental stimulation, and financial incentives.

Tips to Maximize Earnings

Follow these expert tips to maximize your profit potential in Super Birds:

  • Attempt every level multiple times to improve speed - quick analytical thinking is key.
  • Use hints judiciously if stuck rather than immediately giving up. 
  • Watch more earnings-enabled videos in between gameplay attempts. 
  • Set daily points earning targets and track your progress.
  • Take on time-based level challenges to score big.
  • Invite friends and build referral income. 
  • Link Facebook account to safeguard progress.
  • Withdraw earnings regularly to avoid losing any points.


For puzzle game fans seeking fresh challenges, Super Birds Android APK delivers a thrilling experience testing logic, promoting critical thinking and awarding real financial gains. Solving its escape-room style levels requires immersive engagement in a race against time. By mastering its increasingly intense brain teasers, you can earn fun monetary rewards.

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