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1.10.0 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 19, 2024
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6.0 and up
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The tactical role-playing game Sword of Convallaria breathes new life into the Japanese turn-based and pixel art genre!

To save the country of Iria, assemble a great team, personalize your strategy, and deploy them all together. Remember that every decision you make has an impact!

To save the country of Ireland, recruit and train a list of mercenaries, build your team, and devise a plan of action. Explore a world of twists and turns of the story where every decision you make will change the course of your life.


The story is set in the beautiful country of Iria, located on the ancient continent of Rodinia. This small country is known for its luxite resources, which are invaluable minerals endowed with magical abilities and have made other powerful nations jealous. Iria's unfortunate fate is getting worse because of power struggles, the involvement of outsiders, and growing tensions between religious and ethnic groups. The strange riot in Wyvern City marked the official start of the problems. You're not sure what kind of journey lies ahead for you.

In Iria, where armed conflict and political unrest threaten national harmony. As the game progresses, you assume the position of a mercenary captain who has to make morally difficult and tactical choices. Your decisions affect how the story progresses as well as how you interact with the other characters that accompany you. Combat with opponents is turn-based, clearly influenced by the role-playing game genre.

Build a great team - Recruit the best heroes

The intricate pixel art details and three-dimensional environments in Sword of Convallaria's graphics are particularly notable for their exceptional quality. Each character has their design and is represented in a chibi manner when fighting, but when they're interacting with other characters, you can see their manga-like images. You can choose to customize the abilities of the various heroes you recruit during your journey in Sword of Convallaria APK For Android.

Choice-based narrative

It's up to you to decide how Ireland will end! Your choices affect the way the story progresses and your city changes. Be sure to use your connections and abilities to your advantage, and see how the plot changes in response to your decisions and successes!

Tactical turn-based combat

Introducing the most realistic grid-based tactical combat on a mobile device with Sword of Convallaria APK Download! Hire special allies to defeat a variety of opponents, and take advantage of every aspect of the battlefield to win!

Improved 3D pixel art

"Neopixel" preserves the pixel-style visuals that are so popular while incorporating contemporary 3D rendering (dynamic depth of field, full-screen bloom, real-time shading, hdr, etc.). This results in high-level HD picture quality and lighting effects.

Stunning hero collection & development

As you lead your own mercenary company on legendary missions with various factions, you'll be able to recruit and train a roster of unique friends at the Inn, teach them extraordinary skills, forge their equipment at the Forge, and boost their stats in the Training Area!

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