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Mar 07, 2024
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Thumpies APK is a thrilling and addictive rhythm-based music game, where you'll need to time your moves perfectly to assist your quirky, endearing pals in making it through the level without getting hurt. With its fantastic soundtrack and engaging action, this app offers music lovers the ideal game.

Unlike other rythem based games like Tap Tap Revenge, and Rock Band, Thumpies does redefine the rhythm-based game. It's fun to play and listen to every song. You'll have so much fun at Technobrains - Thumpies that you'll want to come back time and time again.

In the game, the player advances in a song by accurately timing the beat of bouncing Thumpies. The player's Thump'o'meter gradually rises if they hit the targets on time; if they miss or hit after the allotted time, the meter falls. Thumpies game online is not your normal rhythm-based game; instead of using merely a succession of notes, it uses the mechanic of bouncing in time. Thumpies can be compared to a rhythm game with juggling elements.

By gathering various colored butterflies, players can also uncover increasingly strange Thumpies - that is, assuming the ravenous Thumpies don't devour them before you do.

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In the game, players go on an engrossing adventure to aid their peculiar but endearing companions, the Thumpies, in navigating through a variety of levels. There's a twist: the player's ability to keep pace with the Thumpies' bouncing beat determines how securely these strange animals may move through each level, even though they must overcome obstacles along the way.


MSM Thumpies introduces a novel mechanic that blends timing with bouncing, thereby reinventing the genre of rhythm-based games. Rather than tracking a succession of notes, players have to precisely time their movements to the rhythm of the bouncing Thumpies. The player's Thump'o'meter gradually rises if they hit the targets on time; if they miss or hit after the allotted time, the meter falls. This mechanic creates a hard and engrossing experience, best described as a combination of juggling and rhythm games.

Features of Thumpies APK Latest Version

Rhythmic Platforming

Games skillfully combine platforming and rhythmic action, asking players to guide their characters past a variety of obstacles while keeping the appropriate beat.

Award-Winning Music

David Kerr, a seasoned veteran of the industry with numerous awards, wrote the game's original musical composition. With gameplay in mind, the music is specially composed to create a harmonizing experience that amplifies the overall fun.

Quirky Character Unlocks

By gathering various colored butterflies, players can unlock increasingly strange Thumpies. They have to exercise caution, though, since these butterflies might be eaten by the ravenous Thumpies before they can be gathered.

Progressive Difficulty

As players go through Thumpies' many stages, each one gets harder and harder. This steady rise in complexity makes sure that players are always interested in the game and driven to get better.

How to Play

The game is basic and easy for all players to enjoy. You can add drums to the game's musical features by timing your touch inputs perfectly. There are many enjoyable stages in the game, and they get harder as you go.

Some Playing Tips 

Start with Easy Levels: To gain a sense of the timing and mechanics of rhythm-based games, start with the easier levels if you're new to them. This will assist you in gaining self-assurance and getting ready for the more difficult phases.

Pay attention to the beat: Take note of the music playing in the game and the Thumpies' bouncing beat. Maintaining the Thump'o'meter and moving through the level requires you to time your taps to the beat.

Practice, Practice, Practice: Like any rhythm-based game, Thumpies demands a lot of practice to get the time and coordination down pat. If you have trouble at first, don't give up; perseverance and practice will make you better.

Unlock New Thumpies: To unlock new and strange Thumpies, go through the different stages and gather various colored butterflies. This makes the gaming experience more exciting and varied.


For players of all ages, Thumpies Full game is a unique and difficult music game that blends rhythmic gameplay with platforming aspects. It is a fun and refreshing game. When it comes to rhythm-based games, Thumpies stands out thanks to its endearing graphics, memorable soundtrack, and oddball characters. Whether you're a casual gamer or a music fanatic, Thumpies APK promises hours of addictive pleasure and satisfaction as you learn the skills of time and rhythm while assisting your adorable pals in completing the levels.

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